best price for roller shuttersIt is vital to have guarantees on the products in case of a fault. Roller shutters should never be purchased if there is no guarantee on the product or if the guarantees aren’t long enough.

Longer guarantees are better for the buyer. It is essential that a company provides guarantees on; parts & materials, labour and the motors if any.

The company that provides the most comprehensive guarantees would be the best to choose as the company has faith in their product and it protects the buyer.

Also watch out for warranties, as they do not cover the whole product as guarantees do. In Most cases, you will be paying more for shutters where a company’s guarantee is more comprehensive.

However a guarantee is only as good as the company that is going to back their guarantee and a good way to assess that is check for reviews google, trustpilot and product review just to name a few plus the easiest way to tell is the phone mannerism when you call to speak them and the response time which means how efficient they are at returning your calls emails and texts for quoting and information.

What is the Reason you need Roller Shutters:

reasons for buying roller shuttersWhat is the reason you are purchasing roller shutters? Do you need to reduce the noise pollution in and around your home, control the light entering your windows, control the climate or temperature of rooms or the entire home, have shutters for added security to your home, or do you simply need roller shutters for added privacy?

Look at why you need the roller shutters and then assess whether the company, who you will be purchasing the roller shutters off, can provide these benefits with the window roller shutters they provide.

Do the roller shutters actually provide security? Not all companies offer shutter locks and not all roller shutters are built and installed the same i.e. you need to ask if and how do their roller shutters lock and how they construct them .

Price Buying:

Australian notes to buy roller shuttersBuying purely on price is not always the best option. The cheapest shutters will most likely not be the best option; you get what you pay for.

When buying the cheapest window roller shutters, your short term gain is fulfilled; having roller shutters, but your long term gain will not be fulfilled. Quality, guarantees and service are all sacrificed.

Dealing with the wrong company may lead to you ending up spending more money on the shutters than intended. The company may have a long lasting list of service calls, shorter guarantees thus more money spent on extra service calls which also results in more of your down time wasted. You are then not getting a product that will fulfil your needs in the long term and the roller shutters may not provide the solution that you bought them for after many years.

The end result is, you will be spending more money than the initial investment. Thus when looking at the various prices of each company, look at the reasons why they are charging more/less than competitors.

The Colours of Roller Shutters:

When choosing your roller shutters you should never compromise on the colour selection if you are able to get the exact colour to match any part of home for example your windows, roof, gutters, facia, wall garage door, fence or anything else you can colour match then your roller shutters are going to blend in to the look of your home and will become a pleasant feature instead of standing out like a sore thumb so remember close enough is only good enough if you have no other option other wise select the correct colour.

Credibility of the Company:

It is advisable to check the credibility of the company you are thinking of dealing with. The first thing to do would be to call Consumer Affairs to check the company’s history. The second thing to do would be to check the company’s previous jobs/customers and major clients.

Lastly, obtain the company’s last three customers. References from the customers would be ideal to see whether the experience with the company was first-rate or not.

Check their reviews from google, trustpilot, product review and others you should read a number of reviews to see if they are real or false companies that have reviews that range from 1 star to 5 stars are not good the minimum star rating from any reviewer should be 3 stars if there are any less means they are not providing a good product and service and the 4-5 star reviews are false.

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buy premium quality roller shuttersTo find out about a company’s quality, it is best to check a company’s processes, their quality control methods and their objectives.

Quality can be observed by viewing a company's product images on their website or viewing their portfolio online. Many shutter companies display photos of their shutters in online portfolios or galleries.
Similarly, this can be done by going on-site to view and inspect the shutters a company has installed.

Service of the Company:

best roller shutters customer serviceIt is vital to have guarantees on the products in case of a fault. Roller shutters should never be purchased if there is no guarantee on the product or if the guarantees aren’t long enough.

It is best to do business with a company that has excellent service. As with any product, shutters are not invincible: problems may happen. Thus when buying roller shutters, it is ideal to do business with a company that will look after the customer.

The best company would be the one that also takes care of the customer after the sale. This may be possible to check via reviews google trustpilot product reviews testimonials, word of mouth or asking major clients they have done business with (as indicated on their websites).

Professionalism of the Company:

professional roller shutter companyAnother aspect to look at when choosing which company to deal with is the professionalism of the company. How they treat the customer is important, as this is how you will be treated.

Also observing the policies of the company, its procedures in regard to work & quality of work i.e. check if the company has proper systems in place and criteria to fulfil. The employees and the way the company deals with the customer, prior, during and after the sale is an aspect to consider also.

Looking at the client database a company; more business generally means a company is professional in its field i.e. checking what scope of work the company has achieved in the past.

Another way to check the professionalism of a company is to see if a company is a member of any accredited associations. Most importantly, is if a company holds a security license; a company which holds a security license is clear of criminal records.
It would be a good idea to make a list of the questions that you need to ask a company to determine whether you should choose that company, and whether that company is the best company to fill your needs.

Quotes & Quote Format:

Roller Shutter free quoteIt is ideal to get more than one quote if you are not satisfied with the first quote or even the second quote. Not because of the price as that should not be your main concern for purchasing roller shutters. It's more about are the companies offering the correct roller shutters for me that are secure durable long lasting and are going to look good on my property more often than not products are chosen because of the price roller shutters are not all the same they use different motors profiles parts and colours its more important to deal with the better established supplier offering the correct window roller shutters to suit your home more than anything else because once they are fitted they are on there for good you can't trade them to upgrade for a better model in a few years time.

We provide the hassle free quote for our customers. You get all the information required on the quote and you can purchase your roller shutters directly from the quote. It's that simple to get new roller shutters.


One important aspect to consider when looking for a company to purchase roller shutters from, is if the company is able/capable to do the work you require.

Not all jobs and installations are straight forward. For example, you may want your roller shutters installed on a bay window, on a window on the second floor of your home Not all companies are capable of installing roller shutters in all areas on a bay window or on a double storey home.


punctual roller shutter companyOnce again, not only are the roller shutters important, but also the service of the company; punctuality is vital, so your time is not being wasted.

Punctuality and timeliness for quotes and installation means your time (the customer) is not wasted. This should also be considered when choosing window roller shutters.

Ultimate shutter provides the fastest quote in Australia. Provide us the information about your project, and we'll give you a confirmed quote within 2 business hours.

No need for Both Parties Present during Quotation:

With our hassle free ordering process both parties present during the quotation is a thing of the past as we take care of everything with you in the comfort of your home and no one there to bother you and us working from the efficiency of our office its that easy you just have to give rough measurements we will ask you a few questions and then work out the price for you which will be emailed through confirmed set in stone.

European and Australian Made:

Australian made roller shuttersIn today’s economy, it is nearly impossible to get 100% Australian made products.

Therefore, it is good to find a company who achieves as close to this as possible.

Bear in mind, that in some cases, it is more beneficial for a company to import certain parts from overseas, as the parts may be of better quality such as with motors, aluminium shutter slats and aluminium pelmets.

We use European parts for our roller shutters which are then used to make custom made roller shutters for our Australian customers.

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