Mount Barker Roller Shutter Installers

Ultimate Shutter is one of Australia's leading roller shutter companies. We provide DIY shutters to Bunnings through our EzyFit brand and install shutters for customers in all major metro areas of Australia. 

Now, we're expanding our installation services to Mount Barker. Ultimate Shutter has recently contracted a new installer in your area and we're excited to start offering our professional installation & electrical services in your area. 

While many people associate roller shutters with high-crime areas in Melbourne or Sydney, our customers know they have many other uses. For Mount Barker customers we expect energy savings, climate & light control may be your priority.  According to an independant laboratory study, Australian homes can save up to 40% on energy by installing shutters. Weather affects everyone - too hot, too cold - shutters will help you manage your home.

Why did we choose Mount Barker as our next service area? Mount Barker is one of the few places we still sell DIY-only shutters. We have over 30 years experience supplying installed roller shutters for most of the large, coastal areas and thought it was time we brought our product to those further from metro centres. There are far fewer options for high quality roller shutter installers in Mount Barker than in Adelaide, Melbourne or Perth. 


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