Why Buy Installed Roller Shutters Over The Phone

Purchase In As Little As 5 Minutes

Ordering installed roller shutters have never been easier. With Ultimate Shutter's Hassle Free Roller Shutters Ordering Process, you can quickly understand all of your options, and choose and clearly understand what you're getting.

With simple questions to guide you through the process, you can be sure that not only will your shutter be installed by our professional team but it will be exactly as you imagined. This simple phone ordering process is not available online through any other shutter retailer and should save you up to 15-20 minutes per shutter. For an average order of 5 shutters, you can cut down the ordering process time by well over an hour and a half.

We don't even need exact measurements to get started. We are happy for you to give us a "round about" measurement and we will lock in your price even if you're off by a few cm here or there.



Avoid the Pressure Sales Process

We are well aware that some roller shutter companies take sales to the extreme. We want to focus on the reasons to choose us. We give you the best price with no haggling necessary. And you can order 24/7/365 from your phone on vacation or when you're at home.

However, we do need to address the reality of roller shutter sales. Many customers are put off shutters entirely because of their dealings with other companies. We are NOT like them and we want you to know why.

A few real reviews about shutter companies

  • Drastically Over-Quoting to "Wheel & Deal"
  • "He quoted us $45000 for 9 windows to begin with - dropped it to $24000 then to $22500 if we advertised for them. When we told the rep this was way out of our budget - he just packed up his stuff and basically stormed out. Got another quote the next day for $7000 less than 1/3 of their 'discounted' price."

  • Requiring Your Husband Be Home
  • "They tell me I can't get a quote unless both me and my husband are home. I CANNOT GET A QUOTE without him being present!! This is the most unbelievable and backward thing I've ever heard from a company."

  • Pressure Sales Process
  • "The price started at $17000 for 5 shutters and come down to around $10000 but needed to agree on the spot." (Another customer: "I was then told that in such a rude tone "fine, we have noted you said no and you can no longer get any discounts with us, picked up his stuff and walked out.")


Choose Your Own Dates

We know it's no fun to sit around waiting on contractors. If we can access the windows you want shutters on, you don't even have to be home for your check measure appointment. We offer the best-in-class window roller shutters in Australia and all over the world.

We also understand that some companies will tell you when your installation appointment is going to happen. You will "need to be home on Thursday at 11:30 am." Which really means 3 pm ... -ish.

When you purchase installed shutters with us, our phone booking system allows you to select the date that works best for you. We will always use this date when we have an installer available and call you immediately if we will not to arrange your next-most convenient day.


After your shutter installation is complete we will send you a short installation check-off so we know that the shutters were installed to your satisfaction and you are happy. Any issues will be remedied ASAP and you will have a chance to let us know how we've done. We take customer feedback extremely seriously to bring the best product & service to you.

What is not included in our pricing? Extended warranties, express or emergency quick installation services & commercial installation prices. We treat every customer individually and these options do not apply to everyone equally. However, you will see all of these prices as you checkout. We have NO hidden fees or costs.

Avoid Hidden Costs

When you inquire about a roller shutter quote you expect the quote to be the price you will pay, correct? That's often not true, however.

What goes into our quotes?

  • Price of the Shutter
  • Installation Price
  • Electrical Wiring Hookup
  • GST

When you are comparing quotes ensure you are comparing kiwis to kiwis. If a shutter price looks too good to be true, you may be looking at just one piece of the puzzle. We have compared our pricing to many other shutter vendors within Australia and when you factor installation, wiring & GST, our rates are very competitive with most and lower than many. Unfair comparisons of "shutter price" quotes give the impression you will pay a little but when you get the bill and have these extras added on, it can be a real shock.

Get What You Want

Ultimate Shutter dedicates a huge amount of effort to customer satisfaction. We survey our customers, run polls online to learn more about what you want, and we listen to every customer, read every review (ours & competitors) to learn more about our customers. You have told us repeatedly that what matters to you is: a reasonable quote for a quality shutter, no pushy sales process or blown out delivery timeframes, and getting the right product for your needs.

We have investigated other online shutter ordering systems and we’re baffled. Some examples are:

How can you allow a customer to order without giving any information on a sill stop? If one is required and you don’t include it, the shutter is incomplete. If one is not required and you do include it, the customer is paying too much for product they don’t need. Yet most companies don’t ask you for this detail on your order.

Why do some shutter installers offer “colour” as an option? Not slat colour & pelmet colour but one, single colour field. Many shutters look best when the pelmet & guides are matched to the home and the slats are contrasted in a darker (or lighter) colour.

Why do most companies offer one generic “roller shutter” rather than custom solutions to fit consumer needs? We found that almost everyone sells “a roller shutter” rather than a range of shutter products. We sell three separate products to maximise your options for budget, aesthetics and security. Shutters aren’t one-size fits all, why should you have to buy them that way?


As an Australian-owned and operated business, Ultimate Shutter is committed to providing high-quality, hassle-free shutter ordering and installation services all across the country. You can easily order and install roller shutters in several major cities – from Roller Shutters Melbourne, the lively cultural hub of the country, to Roller Shutters Sydney, home of the iconic Sydney Opera House. We also extend our services to the stunning wine region of Roller Shutters Adelaide, the sun-soaked city of Roller Shutters Perth, and the tropical haven of Roller Shutters Brisbane. So, no matter where you are, you can experience the convenience of ordering installed roller shutters over the phone and enjoy the security and comfort they offer.

Match Colours to Your Home

Most companies Powdercoat their shutters in one of a long list of paint colours but most of those colours don't match anything on your existing home.

We specifically sourced thirteen of the most common Colorbond colours to ensure a match to nearly any home colour. From Natural White to Evening Haze and Monument to Woodland Grey, we have a colour to match your home. We offer the most premium quality residential roller shutters all over Australia.

Also, we allow the phone ordering of different pelmet & slat colours. If your house is white but your garage door is Blue Ridge you can match your pelmet & side rails to white and your slats to Blue Ridge. If you are confused about which colour to select or don't know how to make the shutters look great in your own home just contact us and our experts will help you!

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