Option 1

Option 1

  • Use a measurement tape to give us approximate measurements measure from inside.
  • Remember that we give you 200mm of tolerance for height and width.
Option 2

Option 2

  • Use a piece of A4 paper or a magazine.
  • And let us know how many magazines for the height and for the width.
  • For example, 5 magazines high and 7 magazines wide.
  • And we will take care of the rest.
Option 3

Option 3

  • Take a photo of the opening and send it to us.
  • We will be able to work out the size by the photo.
  • It’s that easy.
  • Please send the images to 0429 601 890 with your details.
Option 2

Option 4

  • If all else fails we can use google earth or google street view to get the window sizes.
  • In which case we will be able to have an indication of the opening size for us to quote.
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