What You Need to Measure

Measuring Roller Shutters - You will only need two measurements to order installed roller shutters: approximate height & width of the opening you want to cover. You can even measure from inside your home!

Measuring the height and width of your shutter is simple. Simply measure from the top of the window to the bottom of the window and record your answer in millimeters.

Why do we only need an approximate number?

After you place an order, our professional check measure consultant will come visit your home and take exact measurements for the creation of your shutters. All we need from you is an approximate measure in order to get accurate pricing. If you are slightly off on your measurements the price will always remain the same. We won't make any corrections unless you were far from accurate.


Don't have a tape measure?

Measuring for roller shutters only has to be approximate to place your order online. We've created this simple guide to help you:

Take a standard A4 piece of paper (297mm high by 210mm wide) and measure using the long side how many pages across your opening is. Try and round to the nearest 1/4 of a page (example: 8, 8.25, 8.5, or 8.75).

Then, use a calculator or the one to the left and simply multiply the number of sheets x 297. That will be your measurement in millimeters.

Example: If your window is 10 sheets of paper high and 7.75 sheets wide you would order that as 2970 H x 2301 W.


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