Meet the Team: Damien

Today we're going to introduce you to the youngest member of the Ultimate Shutter team: Damien.

Damien is the Purchasing Officer for Ultimate Shutter and is in charge of sourcing all products, components and parts for our shutters. He negotiates with our suppliers, keeps the product coming in and helps us with research & development of new products.

After a hiatus from the business Damien returned last April to continue helping the Ultimate Shutter team grow. Let's hear from him!


I have been brought up around the roller shutter industry my whole life, so it was a no-brainer to put my skills towards a role in an industry that I am very familiar with.

I work as a purchasing officer within the company; essentially this requires me to ensure the company is getting the most suitable products/components/services ensuring the pricing is competitive, whilst not jeopardizing quality.

My role extends beyond the above as I assist with customer service and have an input with manufacturing, product development and office procedures.

I am currently in the middle of implementing a new product line and creating more efficiencies in the office and product. Generally, my day consists of dealing with suppliers for orders as well as general business improvements.

I am quite an active and social person, so you will generally find me having a beer with a few mates anywhere around the city or having a kick around at one of my several games of futsal during the week.

I felt it necessary to take on extra games of futsal during the week to keep my steps up per day with my Fitbit. We have an office challenge every week, so suffice to say I don’t like to lose! haha.

(Editor's note: Damien generally loses the challenges and may need 1 or 2 more games of futsal. Rosa, on the other hand, is practically unbeatable.)

The company has massive potential for growth over the next couple years, so ideally, I am looking at assist with facilitating the growth in terms of adding new product lines, streamlining office procedures, and continuing to crawl the market for competitively priced components, so that customers can get a high quality product at an affordable price.

Anything else we should know?

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