In Depth Look at Prime

An Affordable, High-Quality Shutter

Ultimate Shutter is one of just a few Australia shutter installers & manufacturers who has more than 1 shutter available for sale and the only company we know about that has three completely different shutter systems to suit all types of buyers. Our Prime shutter is for those who want to save a little but still have beautiful shutters. Our Slimline product maximises aesthetics & security in an aluminium shutter while our Fortress is a steel security beast designed primarily for homeowners & businesses who want maximum security.

Today, we are going to dive a bit deeper into our super affordable Prime shutter. This shutter is a compromise between price and quality with enough quality to suit and a low enough price to be competitive with any shutter in Australia.

Prime Details

Our Prime shutter is an aluminium, interlocking shutter with 45mm thick slats and a 230volt tubular motor.

The pelmet for this shutter is a .5mm coated steel and this product can be ordered up to 3400mm x 3400mm in total size.

This shutter is perfect for noise reduction, light blocking & privacy, climate control & limited security

To order a Prime shutter simply click here.

Pros of the Prime

  • Low cost but good quality shutter
  • Many of the benefits associated with roller shutters
  • Insulated for energy savings
  • Reduces glare - 98% light block out
  • 70% noise reduction
  • 40% more energy efficient than a window alone

As you would expect with a budget-friendly shutter product, there are a few cons to consider before you choose a product.

Cons of the Prime

  • No shutter locks - less security
  • No shutter stops
  • Less robust bottom rail
  • Small gauge metal thickness

The Prime is not meant to be used primarily as a security shutter. That job is left to our Fortress steel shutter. The Slimline also has a reinforced bottom rail, shutter locks and a thicker gauge aluminium so for a mid-range security product Slimline will outperform the Prime at that function.

Take a Closer Look

The images below show you an actual Prime shutter ready to be installed.

The Prime comes in 9 Colorbond colours: White, Classic Cream, Shale Grey, Woodland Grey, Monument, Blue Ridge, Evening Haze, Jasper & Paperbark.

Please note that if you click an image it will show you full size but you will need to use your browser's back button to return to this page.


Cream is a very popular colour for this standard shutter. You don't have to select the same colour slats as frame so you can match the frame colours to your home and the slat colour to your accent colours (typically garage, window or door, or roof colours.)

All you need to get started is a rough estimate of the window size & a few minutes to place your order. Click the button below to get started.