• We send out free colour samples so you can request colour samples for you to touch and feel the shutter material as well as check the colour.
  • Alternatively, you can use our colour selector which give a accurate visual of what the shutters will look like on your home
  • After you order the roller shutters you can wait for the technician to come onsite and measure your openings and select the colours with him

No as long as it is a colour that is in the shutter range that you have selected.

It's easy go to our how to measure page and it will explain how simple it is get approx measurements.

Our pride is your guarantee. We are not perfect and we have made mistakes but the end result is always the same. We make sure that you are left satisfied regardless of the cost to us.

We are still flexible. For example if you order 7 shutters and one of those you made a mistake by 1 meter and the other 6 roller shutters were close to the mark, we still wouldn’t change the price. We work on the honesty policy, you trust us and we have to show you trust in return.

  • Well, firstly we are not an overnight business that has just popped up out of nowhere ready to take your money and run.
  • We have been around for 33 years so that would make us one of the oldest and longest running roller shutter manufacturers in Australia, top 5 at least.
  • The other most important thing to remember is most of our deposits are by credit card, so if we don’t supply you with the intended product of purchase, the credit card supplier i.e. MasterCard or Visa or American Express will refund you your money back and disable us from ever using any type of credit card facility forever, which would mean the business would have to close down as this is the only way the business functions.

We have videos that our sales people send to potential customers showing how superior our motors, shutters and parts are compared to our competitors products. So you can see them for yourself.

  • Not all roller shutters are created equal and certainly not ours.
  • The differences are vast from the way that we build them to the paint finishes.
  • It's a lot like cars, from a distance of 300 meters, you can’t tell what brand a car is but as you get closer you can then see the brand and the model and when you get right up to the car you can start to see the quality and how it is put together.
  • It’s the same with the roller shutters. Most people see them from a distance, up close is where you can see the differences.

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