Roller Shutters in Australia

Australians love premium quality roller shutters. More shutters are installed per home here than nearly anywhere in the world. As we discussed in our last post, we install roller shutters throughout Australia including the big 5 cities you can check them out here: Roller Shutters Melbourne, Roller Shutters Sydney, Roller Shutters Perth, Roller Shutters Adelaide & Roller Shutters Brisbane. In pulling the data together last time we also noticed that 85%, or 425, of our last 500 shutter orders are unique postcodes. Big homes, little homes, apartments, office buildings & outdoor spaces all benefit from our shutters.

Why Roller Shutters in Australia

We think there are a few very obvious reasons Australians choose roller shutters so frequently. Our hot climate along with loads of natural sun sometimes makes the temperature unbearable in our homes. You can block this out and save money at the same time with shutters. An abundance of sunshine is one of the reasons Australia has a high rate of solar panels per household but we also pay very high residential electrical prices compared to many other countries. Shutters are a very cost-effective way to reduce rising electricity bills.


Unfortunately, property crime has continued to rise in Australia. “The number of victims of all three property crime offence categories increased in Australia during 2015” according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Household burglary is one of the most widespread crimes in Australia with “around 335,700 break-ins recorded in 2009-10.”1 That number continues to rise as the abuse of drugs, such as methamphetamines, also rises and is said to have tripled in the past 5 years alone.

When burglaries do happen, those found guilty say they “could enter properties through open gates or via backyards and once on the property, were hidden from neighbours by high walls or fences, trees and/or gardens … with the majority indicating that open windows flagged a lack of security. Minimal security was defined by offenders as houses without dogs and the absence of working alarms and roller shutters.”2

The Australian government & many local governments have noticed these same trends & figures and have started to prepare Australians better. This has lead to an increase in the number of shutter-aware customers. Some municipalities, such as Rockingham & Cockburn WA, even subsidise the installation of roller shutters to senior residents. This can mean 20-50% off the cost of a single front shutter, which can secure a home from easy access. Port Hedland doesn’t subsidise shutters but they do tell residents to secure their homes by making “windows more secure by fitting locks, safety film, security screens or external roller shutters.” They aren’t the only locale taking this route, either, as many update their sites to reflect the growing need to lock down & protect your home. Our leading Ultimate commercial roller shutters are amongst the most preferred choices.


Finally, Australia is plagued by a natural (and sometimes man-made) disaster that many other countries are lucky to avoid: bushfires. Over 50,000 bushfires occur each year with about 30% of them being lit intentionally. Our premium quality Ultimate Roller shutters have a number of fire reduction benefits. One example is homeowner Mark Howell, who lives in WA and had his home nearly overrun by a bushfire. Howell said shutters on his windows may have stopped the fire from doing more damage. “I suppose the thing that helped save the house is that I’ve got all of these roller shutters, it stopped a lot of the heat from getting inside the house,” he said.

Are Roller Shutters Right For You?

Clearly, we think so. We do our best to make the best roller shutters in Australia with in-house research & development to constantly improve our product line, our exclusive OrderRight system to ensure you get exactly what you need, and express & emergency installation for quick home protection when you need it most.

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