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Ultimate Shutter is the most preferred supplier and installer of roller shutters in Wollongong – We are Australia’s leading roller shutter company. We manufacture and supply fully installed roller shutters to households and businesses all over Wollongong

Our roller shutters in Wollongong are excellent for security, energy savings, insulation, noise reduction, privacy, climate & light control. They will provide you with the maximum benefits that you can expect to receive from a high quality roller shutter manufacturer.

According to an independent laboratory study that was done just recently, by installing roller shutters in Wollongong, you can save up to 45% on your energy bills because of the extreme weather that Wollongong has. Roller shutters fitted in Wollongong will dramatically increase the comfort levels in your home or business – by being cooler in summer by 15° and warmer in winter by 15°. No other window covering product comes close to offering this kind of passive temperature control while enjoying the multiple other benefits that they will provide.

No matter what your requirement is, Our 9 different roller shutters will certainly be able to fulfil them.

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This Is Why Our Roller Shutters Are Better Looking than Others

Dining room in Wollongong with good looking Roller Shutters
  • New compact pelmet- 15% overall smaller diameter than the competitors.
Wollongong apartment with the best quality roller shutters
  • New slim European designed aluminium roller shutter instead of bulky outdated design
Secure your Wollongong business by installing roller shutters


We, Ultimate Shutter, have mastered the art of designing good looking and high quality roller shutters. With over 30 years of experience, and testing many prototypes, we have engineered the roller shutter that provides all the benefits and also looks great on every residential or commercial property in Wollongong.

Outside patio in Wollongong with the best looking roller shutters
  • New smooth paint in matt finish instead of orange peel paint in satin gloss finish.
Wollongong roller shutters provides free quote without obligation
  • All our Roller Shutters in Wollongong are available in 13 colorbond colours to suit your property.

The Ultimate Good Looking Roller Shutters

Our roller shutters are better than our competitors in looks, design and quality. The look is easily noticeable from the street and even more noticeable when you get up close. We don’t compromise the look of our roller shutters, so why should you compromise the look of your home or business with inferior looking roller shutters?

What makes us different


Roller Shutter Benefits


Roller Shutters will protect your Home or Business in Wollongong by turning your easy entry windows into impassable barriers.

Summer Insulation

Up to 15° cooler in summer makes the inside of your home or business much more bearable for the perfect indoor environment.

Winter Insulation

Up to 15° warmer in winter gives your home a cosy and comfortable feeling while everything outside is freezing.

Noise Reduction

Loud music, noisy neighbours, dogs barking and construction workers will be a thing of the past with up to 85% reduction of outside noise.

Privacy & Light Control

100% block-out from intruding eyes looking into your home. From full natural light to complete darkness. You decide the amount of light entering your home.

Energy Savings

The foam core of the shutter helps retaining the heat in winter and the cooling in summer, requiring less heating and cooling appliances, saving you up to 45% on your energy bill.

Storm & Hail Protection

Protects your glass windows from hail storms and extreme weather and eliminates the chance of glass breaking and outside exposure

Bushfire Protection

Eliminate the chance of excessive heat and embers breaking your windows and entering your home.

13 colorbond colours to select from to match your home or business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, yes. We install shutters throughout Australia. Some regional areas are difficult to source installers but if you fill in the form above we will get back to you about your specific location.

It depends on the size of the opening & the type of shutter you want. We generally estimate shutters to cost between $850 and $1300 per window.

When comparing the cost of shutters you should know that our install prices include the shutter, installation, electrician/wiring & GST.

We offer many flexible payment plans to help you pay for your shutters while you reap their many benefits.

We work constantly to improve every aspect of your shutters from the product features to the packaging to protect them.

We have 30 years of experience in the industry. It has helped us to make the best roller shutters. Our in-house engineers help with the research and development to keep improving our roller shutters.

We include an AC motor in the price of the shutters. We also offer DC, remote control & key switch options.

We stopped offering manual shutters when it became obvious they don’t last as long and have many operational problems. Manual shutters are generally cheaper but generally come with extra headaches you didn't order.

Our roll up shutters are insulated with a foam core for energy savings.

We offer layby, 24 months interest-free financing & flexible payment arrangements.

You will only pay a small deposit up front (30%) and the remainder when the job is complete.

We are happy to work with you and be very flexible on a payment agreement.

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