Shutters vs. Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems vs Installed Roller Shutters – To secure your home as best you can is a significantly better idea that having the attitude that it is not necessary or it will never happen to me. Break-ins for the purpose of illegally obtaining goods or money to support such things as drug addiction is an ever-present reality for many unprepared people. To take some steps to minimise your risk of this happening to your home or business is always a better idea than to take the apathetic approach and do nothing.

When considering the best way to secure your home there are several things to keep in mind. Firstly you must take into consideration the level of security that may be required given your particular application. Things to consider would be street lighting, how far your house is from your neighbours, how far your house is set back from the street, the type of neighbourhood you live in, and if you are wanting to leave windows open permanently for ventilation in areas such as toilets, bathrooms or kitchens. All these things will come into consideration when you are making a decision regarding your security needs.

Roller shutters can give a great level of protection from heat in the summer, cold in the winter, noise if you are on a busy road, and they are number one at restricting the light if you happen to require a dark place to sleep for a number of reasons, for example shift work or to avoid the brightness of street lighting.

Our Roller shutters can be easily installed onto most windows and can be manually or remotely controlled. Another reason roller shutters can offer the right solution is additional protection for your windows from bushfires. Individual shutters will have individual ratings and you must check with your supplier as to the specifics. Roller shutters are not rated as a security product but they do offer a significant level of protection if installed correctly.

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