Track Your Order Online

Ultimate Shutter allows you to track the progress of your shutter order online.

Simply enter your order number & press submit. Your order will have one of the following statuses:

  • On Hold - This means your order can't be continued at the moment. You should contact us for more information.
  • Pending Payment - If you have an outstanding balance we can't proceed until we receive the due payment.
  • Production - Our team has your order and have started the cutting, manufacturing & packaging of your order.
  • Pending Shipping - Your order has been packaged and is ready for shipment. We are waiting on the carrier to pick it up.
  • Shipping - The carrier has picked up your order and it should arrive soon! If we have it, a tracking number has been provided.
  • Pending Installation - For installed jobs, this means the shutter(s) have been completed and we're waiting for the installer to pick up.
  • Completed - As far as we know, your job should be done. If this is incorrect, please contact us.

Still Have Questions?

COVID 19 Update : Free Quotes Over The PhoneNow offering over the phone quoting and ordering to help stop the corona virus spread.

We can give you a confirmed quote over the phone.

Ordering your roller shutters have never been easier.

-6 April 2020

COVID -19 Update: Business as usual. We're still manufacturing, we're still installing, we're still delivering. 24 hours phone support is now available.