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Ultimate Shutter is focused on providing quick, easy, and quality service to its customers, that's why we are the only window shutter manufacturer in Australia that allows you to order window shutters over the phone and receive all prices upfront. With Ultimate Shutter, there are no pushy salespeople, persistent phone calls, or hidden costs - just great value, professional service and premium quality products. Ultimate Shutter also offers a live chat service if you get stuck so you can have all your questions answered at your own time and leisure.

Our Window Shutters are the perfect complement to your home or business' windows as they add an extra barrier to protect you from the heat or cold during summer and winter, they also provide noise isolation that, when combined with your windows, provides a quiet and comfortable home or business environment free from external noises such as pets, construction, traffic, etc..

With our premium window shutters your windows, which are the most vulnerable part of your house and are often the entry-point for most home break-ins, will become your home's most protected barrier from entry allowing you to feel safe at home and worry free when away from home. Window Shutters are a small price to pa for the comfort and peace of mind they provide with all of their benefits.



Here is a summarised list of the benefits window shutters provide:

  • Reduction of excessive heat into your property through your windows, a benefit that can't be provided simply by roller blinds or curtains alone
  • Reduction of a transmission of cold air into your property through your windows, once again this is not something that can be achieved by roller blinds, curtain, or other window fixtures
  • The climate control properties of our window shutters save you money on your utilities that will pay off your shutters within 10 years!
  • Noise reduction by up to 89%
  • Protection of your windows against hailstones, no longer worry that hailstones will cause shattered glass around your home leading to costly repairs or insurance claims
  • Security, our shutters reduce the rate of burglary to almost 0% on homes and businesses that have shutters installed, they simply provide too much of an obstacle for the majority of burglars who just opt for a home or business that doesn't have window shutters installed.


Available Installation:

Window Shutters are commonly installed on windows and doors, however, in reality they can be installed almost anywhere an opening exists. We have even installed them on people's cars, trucks, cabinets, we have installed shutters that operate horizontally rather than vertically. Basically, we can install them almost anywhere, so if you aren't sure just give us a call or contact us online.




How do we differ from other window shutter suppliers:

  • no pushy salespeople, we offer over the phone quoting rather than coming on-site and pushing people into decisions they aren't yet ready for
  • european products, our product is manufactured and designed here in Melbourne using Italian and Spanish parts, there are no cheap or budget parts in our product, we strive only for the highest quality window shutter product on the market
  • top quality installing and service, our installers have experience installing our shutters in a professional manner and in any area or situation our customers require, our installers are clean, careful, and conscientious of our customers' needs
  • trusted electricians, we have reliable electricians that have been working with us to install shutters for many years
  • quality control, we ensure that every product that goes out has been tested and examined for any defects
  • family-owned business, we are a family-owned business that has operated for over 30 years, we care about our customers and we strive to build a relationship that will last beyond the moment shutters are installed
  • product testing and development, we are constantly working on developing a more efficient and higher quality product through the efforts of our technician and product experts
  • flame-zone rated shutters, we are one of only two companies that offer the elusive flame-zone rated shutters required in many rural areas for new home builds
  • expertise and know how of our window shutters that can't be found elsewhere
  • an undeniable passion to provide the best quality product and service and to keep our customers satisfied, our company reviews speak volumes to this, our customers are always ecstatic with our products and service and love to let us know


So what are you waiting for? Why put off purchasing one of the fastest growing products in Australia when you can start to enjoy all the amazing benefits they offer now! Call us on 1800 633 136 or Contact Us to start the process of making the smartest purchase you will ever make.

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