With over 30 years experience in the roller shutter industry, we've installed & manufactured over 200,000 shutters for customers. Along with that experience we have designed our exclusive Hassle Free Ordering System to ensure we ask all the right questions. When your check measure appointment happens, we'll get the rest of our questions answered and ensure you end up with the right product for your home.

Installation and GST are already factored into every price so what you see is what you pay. If a shutter is listed on our website for $899, that's the total price including shutter, installation, wiring & GST.

Shutters are typically installed 15 working days after your check measure date.

We understand that some companies give you a very high price and negotiate down with you to arrive at something more reasonable. We work on a much different model: up front pricing, all-inclusive of installation & GST and you can order it directly online so you don't have to deal with salespeople at all if you choose not to.

We strongly recommend a battery backup pack for any exit points of the homes or any other windows you choose. In a fire or other emergency exit points may become locked down and very difficult to get out of so you may opt to have them on bedroom windows also. A battery backup will operate a couple times times on average over a few hours to allow shutter use in an emergency during a power outage.

Generally, yes. If you need a massive shutter (over 3.5m by 3.5m) or you have an uneven space you can contact us and send a photo to see if we can help you sort out your exact need.

No, definitely not.

While most shutters are considered "security" shutters, many do not have any type of locking mechanism, are not reinforced or are made from a thin, cheap material that is easy to get through. True security shutters have shutter locks, are made from insulated, sturdy materials (or steel) and a strong bottom rail to prevent forced entry.

Yes, we can install on 2nd storey windows, however we do require scaffolding for the job. Because of this, 2nd storey installations do have a higher installation charge. You will see this on the shutter page as you are ordering.

Yes, we offer both 6 months interest free financing as well as a convenient layby plan for those who just need more time to pay. Please see our Shutter Financing Options for more details.

Colour options can make or break how a shutter looks on a home. If you use a dark brown (Jasper) shutter on a red brick home it may look very out of place. However, cream, white and black (monument) generally work on most homes.

For best results we suggest a colour consultation with our team. Call us on 1800-633-136 and we can walk you through the selection process. (Our very creative colour consultants have been known to jump on Google Maps & find client homes on the map to get a better view.)

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