Our Process:

The order process through our online shop consists of the following steps:

  1. Select the desired goods by following the prompts and providing your measurements and other order data
  2. Enter the billing address and delivery address (if different);
  3. Select the payment method;
  4. Check and confirm all information provided (name, address, and payment method, ordered goods) and make any necessary corrections as
  5. Confirm your order by clicking “Purchase”.

We take no responsibility for any errors in measurements, addresses or other information which is entered by you. You must ensure all details are entered accurately.

Orders are assessed by our internal team once placed and paid for; if for any reason we cannot satisfy your order we will give you the option of a full refunded or reprocess your order to resolve any technical issues.

DIY Ezy-Fit Roller Shutters

Once your order is processed, your shutter will then be manufactured and freighted to your nominated delivery address with instructions for the installation of your shutter

Ultimate Shutter Installed shutters

Once your order is processed, we will assign a technician to attend the installation site and asses the require installation. Your shutter will then be manufactured and our technician will attend the site to install your shutter.

Order Measurements:

Measurements must be as accurate as possible, but we appreciate that they will not always be exact, and we will work with you as required to ensure measurements are accurate. Any required changes in measurement above 3m2 may require a new quote to be produced, any changes to pricing due to inaccurate measurements will be at our discretion. If there are changes to the pricing, you or we may cancel the job and you will receive a refund, less a fee of $180.00 + GST per technician (metropolitan areas, other areas may attract a higher fee) visit to the installation site.

Shipping Time:

Once your shutter is dispatched, general stated turnaround times apply for Major Cities (RA1) of Australia as per ASGC-RA by the ABS. Details of ASGC-RA may be found here: http://www.doctorconnect.gov.au/internet/otd/publishing.nsf/Content/locator

Areas that are not described as Major Cities may incur delays in installation or delivery (if the job has been accepted). We do not guarantee turnaround or delivery times as there are factors beyond our control which affect our third-party technicians and/or freight companies.

We are not responsible for cost or inconvenience incurred as a result of any delays in installation or delivery.

Change of Mind Refunds and Returns:

DIY Ezy-Fit Roller Shutters

Once your order is processed, your shutter will then be manufactured and freighted to your nominated delivery address with instructions for the installation of your shutter.

Once manufacturing has commenced on your shutter and/or it has been installed, no refunds or returns are provided for change of mind, as our shutters are custom made to order.

Ultimate Shutter Installed shutters

  1. If you change your mind and a site measure/inspection has not been booked, you may request a refund which will be issued, less an admin fee of $112.00 + GST.
  2. If a technician has been booked for or attended the install site to measure/inspect but manufacturing of the shutter/s has not yet commenced, you may request a refund which will be issued, less an admin fee of $112.00 + GST and inspection fee $180.00 + GST per site visit (metropolitan areas, other areas may attract a higher fee).
  3. Once a shutter has been manufactured and/or installed, no refunds or returns are provided for change of mind, as our shutters are custom made to order.


DIY Ezy-Fit Roller Shutters

All prices and other rates quoted online include GST, unless otherwise advised. Installation is not provided for and included with our Ezy-Fit Roller Shutters.

Ultimate Shutter Installed shutters

All prices and other rates quoted online include GST and technician installation costs, unless otherwise advised and subject to the below Installation Terms.

Discounts and/or product promotional offers do not apply to products purchased before the promotional period commences or after the specified promotional period ends. Ultimate Shutter reserves the right to commence, cease or discontinue any promotion at any time.

Freight and Installation Damage:

Where shutters are damaged on arrival or during installation, you must report the damage to us within 24 hours of delivery/installation and from signing the job completion sheet or freight acceptance. Any damage reported after 24 hours will not be accepted as a valid claim.

Any damage cause to shutters by misuses, intentional damage, third party damage or otherwise is not the responsibly of Ultimate Shutter.

It is your obligation to thoroughly inspect shutters for any damage following delivery or installation.

Faults/Defects Warranty Terms:

Our warranty terms provided with our shutters are set out in our Warranty Terms.

Right of Refusal:

We reserve the right to reject and refund any order after a site inspection or after viewing photo documentation of the property/application for safety reasons, accessibility issues, location issues or otherwise.

Installation Terms (for Installed Shutters)

Site Visit Inclusion Allowances

For install orders we allow:

  • one site measure/inspection visit;
  • one installation allotment (may occur over multiple days); and
  • one wiring allotment (may occur over multiple days).

There is no allowance for multiple site visits for a measure, for split installation segments etc.

Rural Site Locations

RA3, RA4 & RA5 Classification sites will be subject to additional out of area installation fees, if installation can be provided. This will be assessed on a case by case basis, please contact us to arrange installation if you are located in these zones.

To check your suburb classification, please

visit http://www.doctorconnect.gov.au/internet/otd/publishing.nsf/Content/locator

Futile/Unattended Site Visits

In the event that you have been advised a technician will be attending your install site and for any reason no one is available to show the technician the install location for the shutter/s and/or the technician cannon access the installation site, the technician’s attendance will incur a fee of $180.00 + GST (metropolitan areas, other areas may attract a higher fee) in addition to the general costs of any further required visits.

Clear Working Areas and Obstructions

For install orders, openings/applications and working area must be clear and ready to have the roller shutters installed. At site inspection/measure, upon the technician’s recommendations and discretion, obstructions must be removed for installation to take place or the working area must be cleared.

Above Ground Level Installs and Scaffolding

For install orders, openings above ground floor (i.e. double storey) we will require scaffolding to have the job successfully and safely completed, which is a one-off fee to be assessed after inspection of the site. Any opening where the top of the opening exceeds 3.2 metres from flat/level ground will be considered an opening above ground level, and will thus require scaffolding – this must be marked as an above ground opening on the order form.

For openings where the top of the opening is greater than 5.8 metres from level ground, roller shutters cannot be installed unless otherwise advised.

Unusual or Complex Installations

Due to the potential complexity of installation projects, other variable may need to be factored into the installation package price, it is therefore not inclusive of all pricing variables and site variations that may occur during installation. If additional charges apply, you will be advised before any installation works proceed.

Electrical wiring Installation

Our installations include electrical wiring being installed on the surface of walls, roofs or other areas, unless otherwise advised. Any electrical wiring will be installed using conduit pipe and otherwise in accordance with applicable building and electrical safety requirements.

Should you require a complex installation which allows for electrical wiring to be concealed, additional charge may apply. Please advise us before installation commences.

Damage During Installation

All technicians that are retained by Ultimate Shutter to install shutters will take preventative measures so as not to damage your property. If damage to your property does occur during installation, which we are satisfied is caused by our technicians during installation, we will arrange for repairs to the same level prior to the damage being caused but will not be responsible for any painting of walls floors eaves windows fascia’s gutters or roof’s.

You agree that our liability will be limited to the lesser of an amount equivalent to the cost of the specific shutter being installed.

Intended Purpose

Access Prevention

Our shutters may be used for numerous purposes; however, we do not guarantee, advise or represent that shutters are intended for any particular purpose. Our shutters may operate as a deterrent to unauthorised entry, but do not prevent or otherwise eliminate the potential for unauthorised entry into your property. You acknowledge that our shutters are at most a deterrent to unauthorised entry into your property and we are not liable for any loss or damage caused from any theft, robbery or other criminal act or trespass by a third party.

Inclement or Extreme Weather

Our shutters are expected to take a degree of extreme or inclement weather, however our shutters are not warranted for damage resulting from extreme weather conditions such as excessive high-speed winds and large hail stones.

Water Ingress

Our shutters are not a water barrier and may allow water to pass through, even when fully closed. You must ensure that all windows, doors and other potential openings below the shutter are sealed to prevent water ingress.

Colour and Material

Our shutters are all painted to specific colour specifications. However, colours may vary slightly including as a result of painted surfaces differing in texture and material, which may result in slight variations to the colour.