Roller Shutters Cost

Roller Shutters Prices Vary Based Size, Materials, Motors & Components Used.

Roller Shutters in Australia generally range from $1000 to $1900 depending on quality of materials and the supplier.

The price also depends on the size, property type (single storey, double storey, balcony, apartments etc.), control device (wall switches, remote controls, phone app control etc). Asking for a "standard" price is challenging because there are no standard windows.
Cheaply Made Roller Shutters
$1,000 - $1,200
Cheap shutters that are priced at the lower end of the price range like $1000-$1200 are generally made using inferior materials. Just to give you an idea, a middle of the range security door from crimsafe will cost you above $1000 installed with no electric motor, no electrical wiring required, no moving parts and a lot less aluminium.
Premium Residential Grade Slimline Shutters
Our premium residential grade Slimline shutters that are made using European components and Italian ASA motors costs on average around $1600 a shutter including installation, electrical wiring and GST without any hidden costs.
Premium Commercial Grade Titan Shutters
Our premium commercial grade Titan shutters costs on average around $3300 including installation, electrical wiring and GST without any hidden costs. These are just average costs for an average size window on a single storey property with wall switches.

Why Do Companies Charge Such Drastically Different Prices?

Roller shutter companies know that most people will only purchase shutters once or twice in their lives. Therefore they have little incentive to earn repeat business. The logical move for many is thus to earn as much as possible from each job and if a customer feels it was a bit high then it won’t matter as they aren’t coming back either way. Most companies that sell cheap shutters on the lower end of the market are not inspired to supply a quality product and install it in a professional manner.

No pushy salesperson,
no persistent sales calls,
no hidden costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Our animated shutter shows 18 different components of a roller shutter. While there are more parts (screws, rivets, etc.) these component parts make up the majority of parts for a shutter. So what are they?

  1. Top Cover – Protects the back & top of the shutter and keeps it enclosed. This is the back half of the pelmet.
  2. Front Cover – The rounded section of the pelmet which keeps the motor & all interior parts covered.
  3. Pelmet End Caps – The motor & axle are held in place by these ends which complete the pelmet.
  4. Protective Side Plates – These plates keep the shutter from jamming and reduce your repair bills.
  5. Motor Mounts – Attach the motor to the end caps & hold it all together.
  6. ASA Tubular Motors – Our Italian-made 230V motor. All Ultimate Shutter products are motorised shutters.
  7. Axle – The 56mm x 2.1mm extruded aluminium axle secures the roller shutter without interfering with the motor’s operation.
  8. Rubber Rings – These rings protect the shutter from making metal to metal contact with the axle & damaging the shutter profile.
  9. Foam Pad Shutter Springs – More security from metal on metal contact extends the life of your shutter & helps it close properly.
  10. Nylon Shutter Entry Guides – These guides keep everything on track and in the track to avoid unnecessary problems.
  11. Heavy Duty Idle Roller – Solid 6mm axle roller can support large shutters without flexing and with little roll resistence.
  12. Shutter Guides – The guides do exactly that – guiding the shutter down its track and into place properly.
  13. Schlegel Brush – Keeps your shutter from scraping against the shutter guides as it moves up & down the tracks.
  14. Shutter Profiles – 44mm aluminium, foam filled slats that are designed to roll up compact and span up to 3600mm.
  15. Retaining Clips – End caps for your profiles, protecting the foam insulation & finishing the slats.
  16. V-Locks – Secure the shutter into the bottom rail.
  17. Bottom Rail – Our 50mm x 1.6mm twin chamber strengthening rail to help with security.
  18. Shutter Stops – Designed for windows with no sill to help guide the shutter to its fully closed position.

For more information about our roller shutter parts, please have a read through our information.

The prices vary depending on which state and city you live in. Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth have the most window roller shutter suppliers so prices are a little less, while Sydney and Brisbane are less competitive so the prices are a little higher. Here at Ultimate Shutter we have focused on quality of product and service as well as cost efficiency rather than exclusively focused on cost alone like many of our competitors. As a result our roller shutters installed and wired, on average, will cost $1690, about 20% more than the average competitor’s security shutters but with quality and service second to none. We believe that paying a little more to ensure that the product is as long-lasting and functional as possible is the best solution to consumer needs. We have gone to great lengths to design and engineer our security shutters to look better, perform better and last longer than our competitors’ window shutters so for us we build our security shutters to meet high quality standards while our competitors build their shutters at a price.

Roller Shutters are a growing industry, with a total of around 280,000 window shutters sold per year across Australia and a growth rate of 8% per year, more and more people are making the decision to purchase the ultimate product in home comfort.

The reason for the rapid growth is because there is no other product on the market today that offers so many benefits in one package like what they can offer. Once you install security shutters, there is no need to have an alarm system, window grilles, outside canvas awnings, internal blinds, drapes, terylene curtains and window tinting plus your air conditioner and heater will not be used as much because our window shutters keep the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer, nothing comes close.