Motorised vs Manual Shutters

Why choose Motorised over Manual Roller Shutters?

The Electronic Roller Shutter – Over the past 31 years and 200,000 shutter installations we have learned from experience that motorised shutters face far fewer problems than manual roller shutters.

Manual roller shutters are wound up & down by people who are always in a hurry!

The speed the shutters are wound up or down can place a great deal of strain on the wires & belts, onto the pulleys and the control unit therefore reducing the lifespan of the shutter system.

An electronic shutter has a motor that operates at a constant speed and has limits set so when the limits are reached the motor stops the shutter movement gently, without load or strain on the other components and thus increasing the lifespan of the shutter system.

Also, with a strap or cable manual system, the cable must be attached on an angle, which causes strain on the diverter pulleys or winder boxes, causing more ongoing service issues for the life of your shutter.

Manual handles are also unsightly and switches are much more aesthetically pleasing in your home, require no real effort and the remotes can be hidden out of sight and away from the system entirely. Motorised, electronic shutters will increase the re sell value of your home as they are easily usable by families and people of all ages.

Our Electric Motors, Quality Control & Testing

  • ASA Motors Manufactured in Italy
  • Wall switch, wireless remote and phone operable
  • Manual override motors are also available

This option gives you full automation of your roller shutter and will need to be wired into the mains of the property by a fully qualified electrician.

A wall switch comes standard with the AC Electric Motor system. This wall switch is mounted on the wall of the inside of the room close to the shutter or it can be positioned elsewhere by the electrician, depending on the application.