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Seamless Fusion of Beautiful Designs

Beautiful Designs: Catering to Form & Function

The seamless fusion of beautiful designs with robust security features is a hallmark of our roller shutters, creating a comprehensive solution that caters to both form and function. Architects choose our roller shutters for their harmonious blend of protection and style, making them a favoured choice for enhancing new homes and business workspaces. Our extensive product range of 9 distinct shutter types and 13 Colorbond-matched colours are designed to accommodate various building styles and budgeting needs.

Our Roller Shutters

BAL 40 Roller Shutters

All Shutters, Bushfire Protection

Unveiling BAL 40 Roller Shutters, meticulously designed for areas prone to bushfires requiring a Bal 40 rating. Each shutter is accompanied by a certificate of compliance, ensuring compliance with stringent bushfire safety standards. Prioritise safety in high-risk regions with our specialized BAL 40 Roller Shutters, providing a reliable defense against the threat of bushfires.

BAL FZ Roller Shutters

All Shutters, Bushfire Protection

Introducing Australia’s first BAL FZ Roller Shutters—a design marvel exuding elegance with a stainless steel appearance. A modern and robust solution, these shutters stand as a formidable defense against bushfires, ensuring the utmost protection for your home or business. Experience the perfect blend of style and resilience with BAL FZ Roller Shutters, a testament to cutting-edge design and unwavering durability.

Max Span Roller Shutters

All Shutters, Commercial

Experience the versatility of Max Span Roller Shutters, crafted from durable aluminum for wide residential and commercial openings. Perfect for garage doors, patios, and alfrescos, these shutters offer a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. Elevate your spaces with the expansive coverage and reliability provided by Max Span Roller Shutters, meeting the demands of both residential and commercial applications.

Cyclone Roller Shutters

All Shutters, Residential

Introducing Cyclone Roller Shutters – engineered for high-wind areas, patios, and alfrescos. Specifically cyclone-rated, these shutters are built to endure wind forces of up to 170km/h. The aluminum slats, injected with high-density foam, ensure robust control while providing reliable protection. Safeguard your space with the resilience and performance of Cyclone Roller Shutters in challenging weather conditions.

Slimline Roller Shutters

All Shutters, Residential

Elevate your home security with our top-tier Slimline Roller Shutters. These roller shutters are celebrated for their unrivaled popularity, compact design, and offer maximum security for your home or office. This shutter not only stands out as the neatest-looking option but also proudly holds the esteemed title of Australia’s best-looking roller shutter, seamlessly combining style and safety for the ultimate in premium home protection.

Window Shutters
Titan Roller Shutters

All Shutters, Commercial

Discover the pinnacle of security with Titan Roller Shutters, designed for both commercial and residential use. Despite their formidable security features, these shutters maintain a sleek and compact profile. Choose from our extensive selection of 13 Colorbond colors to seamlessly integrate these high-security shutters into your space, ensuring both safety and aesthetic harmony.

Clear Polycarb Shutters

All Shutters, Residential

Experience the perfect blend of security and style with our Clear Polycarbonate Roller Shutters. Tailored for domestic alfrescos, patios, and versatile applications like counter tops and serveries, these shutters offer an aesthetic appeal while ensuring robust protection. Elevate your spaces with the transparency of polycarbonate, seamlessly combining elegance and security for a refined and secure environment.

Manual Push Pull Shutters

All Shutters, Commercial, Residential

Explore the practicality of Manual Push-Pull Shutters, ideal for windows, serveries, counters, cupboards, wardrobes, sheds, and carports where AC power may be unavailable. Designed for convenience, these shutters offer a manual operation, ensuring versatile usage in various settings without the need for readily available electrical power. Prioritize functionality and ease with our reliable Manual Push-Pull Shutters.

BAL 29 Roller Shutters

All Shutters, Bushfire Protection

Introducing our BAL 29 Roller Shutters, tailor-made for bushfire-prone regions requiring a BAL 29 rating. These shutters provide a crucial line of defense, accompanied by a certificate of compliance. Prioritising safety in high-risk areas with our specialised roller shutters designed to meet stringent bushfire resistance standards.

Patiomate Roller Shutters

All Shutters, Commercial, Residential

Discover the versatility of the Patiomate Roller Shutters, an aluminum marvel ideal for both residential and light commercial use. Perfect for patios, alfresco spaces, and garage doors, this shutter seamlessly combines durability with functionality, ensuring optimal performance in various applications. Elevate your spaces with enhanced security and style, courtesy of the Patiomate Roller Shutters.

Why Architects Prefer Ultimate Shutter

Insulated Security Solution
Protection and style can go together
Flawless Finish
High quality steel or insulated aluminium
Prevent Shutter Pullup
Remote controls keep shutters moving smoothly
Box Housing
Pelmets keep shutters looking neat

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