The Ultimate Warranty

While many companies boast of their long-life offers of warranty for their Roller Shutter products, very few do manage to actually provide after sales support and service to their customers.

Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done if the company fails to provide service under warranty and many customers are left to paying for the service out of pocket or even buying new Roller Shutters. Ultimate Shutter prides itself on providing excellent customer service and experience even after our shutters have been successfully installed. We are dedicated to our customers and this is reflected in our superb customer feedback that can be seen across all our review platforms including Google, Bing, Facebook, etc…

Online Warranty Claim Form

We have a dedicated team member who works with all warranty claims submitted by our customers and have even provided an Online Warranty Claim Form within our website to streamline this process to make it easier for both us and you to get your shutter repaired, as we want to ensure all of our products serving in the market are performing as they should be. So, before you quickly jump to the belief that just because a company claims it offers a long-life warranty and backing for its product that the product will happily and promptly be serviced should an issue arise, make sure to check customer satisfaction and feedback through various review platforms as well as to see if they have warranty claiming systems put into place within their website. Ultimate Shutter offers peace of mind to all its customers by not merely offering a long-life warranty, but by following through on our promise and commitment to our customers by honouring our warranty.

For more information regarding our warranty offered, check out our Warranty page.