Roller Shutters For Energy Savings

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Ultimate Shutter’s window coverings play a significant role in energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint. Our roller shutters help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round, effectively reducing heating and cooling costs. Tests using NatHERS software indicate substantial energy savings for homes with Ultimate roller shutters installed, which offers tangible benefits and financial savings.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

According to Energy Australia, lower energy use could save Australians up to $25 billion per year, or $850 per family.  Ultimate Shutter’s window coverings insulate your home keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter significantly reducing your heating and colling costs.

Roller shutters on windows act as insulation, reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. This temperature control reduces the need for heating and cooling, leading to lower energy consumption and cost savings, potentially cutting bills by 25-30%.

Evidence Roller Shutters Save Energy

The National Housing Energy Rating Software (NatHERS) carried out on a typical project home and residential units located in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth with Ultimate roller shutters fitted to the windows. NatHERS gives an estimation of heating and cooling loads on a given dwelling and results show energy reductions of 27-34%.

Detached Residence Sydney Melbourne Perth
Possible Total Annual Heating & Cooling Energy Savings 30% 25% 40%
Residential Units Sydney Melbourne Perth
Savings for North & South Facing Windows 27% 23% 39%
Savings for East & West Facing Windows 34% 26% 44%

Note: Tests were carried out on a randomly chosen home design including residential unit plans provided by the University of New South Wales. It is assumed that thermal insulation would exist in the ceiling & walls of the house. The shutters would be closed in summer when high levels of sunlight were on the windows. The shutters would be open in winter to let the sunlight in and closed at night to keep the heat in. Results will vary depending on the orientation of the house, the type of construction and the position and size of the windows. Results will also vary depending on how the roller shutters are operated and the actual weather experienced.

Affordable and Comfortable Living Spaces

Achieving affordable and comfortable living spaces is made possible with roller shutters on your windows. All three of our roller shutter products are excellent at keeping your winter heat and summer air con in. While the shutters themselves may get warm, the insulated core and two separate walls keep most of the exterior temperature from getting in. These versatile additions act as insulation, keeping the indoor environment cozy in winter and cool in summer.

We have the right answers for you!

Like it does in earth’s atmosphere, the windows of your home can create a greenhouse-like reaction causing your home to overheat in certain rooms.

Yes, we have a foam filling inside the shutter that is designed to maximise your energy savings.

For maximum energy savings, you would want to cover every window, of course. However, in most homes there are windows with a greater chance or habit of passing your energy through. If you have a sliding door and want to lock it down in the winter or you have a few older windows in your home that seem to “leak” the cold air in, cover those windows first and see how much difference the roller shutters make.