Roller Shutters For Climate Control

Comfortable Living and Working Spaces

Roller shutters on windows in Australia aid climate control by effectively blocking excessive heat and UV rays during hot summers, reducing the need for air conditioning. In winter, they provide insulation, conserving indoor warmth. This dual-functionality helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, ultimately saving on energy consumption and costs.

Comfort Control at Home or Work

Ultimate Roller Shutters effectively insulate homes and offices from extreme heat and cold by preventing up to 80% of short wave solar radiation from entering through windows, reflecting the sun’s rays and minimizing heat transfer with their unique design. The shutters create a double-glazed effect by trapping air between the window and the shutter, further minimising temperature extremes while reducing heat conduction into the building interior. This provides your home or office with a stable temperature offering comfort climate controlled environment and will reduce energy costs.

Insulation Effect of Australian Shutters

The hot Australian climate has the power to overheat your home and office making it stuffy and uncomfortable to relax or work in. Ultimate Roller Shutters insulates your home or office in three ways:

  • The roller shutter slats reflect the suns rays, preventing them from penetrating the window. It is far more effective to shade window glass from short wave radiation than to deal with the unwanted heat in your home. Up to 80% of short-wave radiation generated is deflected by the surface of modern roller window shutters.
  • Each individual slat contains an air pocket or injected polyurethane which minimises the rate of heat transference to the back of the slats.
  • Air gets trapped between the window and the window roller shutters providing a double-glazed effect to absorb extremes in hot or cold weather temperatures.

Supreme Product Choice!

Roller shutters in Australia offer both style and substance. With beautiful designs and a variety of colors, they enhance aesthetics while effectively controlling climate, making them an ideal choice for windows. Roller shutters are easy to use with direct or wireless controls to open and close to suit the Australian climate in both summer and winter seasons.

We have the right answers for you!

When comparing roller shutters to other window coverings we prefer to let the facts speak for themselves. While blinds generally allow over 75% of the radiant heat to penetrate the room and double-glazing keeps a lot of air heat but all the sunrays in, the Ultimate Shutter product range is a supreme choice for window coverings as it blocks up to 60% of the heat or cooling loss. We not only keep the summer heat out, but we can help keep winter heat in.

Definitely not. Our shutters are insulated and foam filled where other shutters are not. Shutter wall thickness, insulation and the material itself, make a huge difference in climate control abilities of each shutter. While all of our products are suitable for this use we would recommend staying clear of thin, un-insulated shutters that have that “cheap” feel. Saving money is a great reason to buy shutters in the long run however you should avoid inferior products.

Of course – although maximum interior temperature control is achieved by having multiple roller shutters to retain as much heat/cooling as possible, one shutter can help protect one room in your home that experiences the biggest temperature fluctuations. Plus, if you get one and love it you can easily add others later.

Definitely not! Keeping your home cool in summer is a big part of the capabilities of your new shutter. Running the air conditioning or fans to get your home cool only works as long as you aren’t constantly battling the heat coming in through your windows. Close your shutter, cool it off and it will stay a lot cooler. Power bills can be incredibly high in winter or summer and our shutters protect you on both ends of the severe weather spectrum.