Smart Roller Shutter Buyer Facts

Are You a Smart Roller Shutter Buyer?
Smart Roller Shutter Buyer Facts

Are You a Smart Roller Shutter Buyer?

So you’ve decided to build, renovate or extend your home or you simply want to take advantage of the many benefits of our roller shutters. You’ve chosen the builder, the plans are done and you’re ready to go. If only that’s where it ended. Soon you will have to decide on the drapes, the Venetians, the verticals, the air-conditioning system, alarms, awnings and the colours & sizes off all these.

All the quotes, the confusion, STOP!Compare these two options:

Option A: Wasting Money

The Old way of covering your windows and securing your home.

  • 6 Drapes: $5940- expensive, difficult to clean, life expectancy of 15 years
  • 4 Venetians or Verticals: $859- light penetrates and no privacy
  • 5 Canvas Awnings: $2990- externally operated, noisy when windy, life expectancy of 15 years
  • Air Conditioner: $1990- cools only the main room, expensive to maintain
  • Alarm System: $1290- problems with false alarms, people don’t notice
Total: $13,069

(based on an average 10 window home)

Option B: Saving Money

The New way to cover your windows and secure your home with clean, sharp and stylish energy saving Window Roller Shutters. They provide:

  • Peace of mind
  • Fire Protection
  • Energy Savings
  • Noise Reduction
  • Security
  • Insulation (Summer and Winter)
  • Privacy
  • No maintenance
  • Light Control
  • No condensation
  • Shade
  • Internally Controlled
Total: $12,800

10 × energy saving Roller Shutters

(based on an average 10 window home)

Be a Smart Buyer

FACT: Savings on your heating and cooling costs will repay your original investment in eleven years.

By installing our window roller shutters, your home will be more energy efficient. You will need to use fewer appliances to control the climate of your home during summer and winter as the Window Roller Shutters provide great climate control. As you will use fewer devices to make your home cooler or warmer, you will not only save money on energy bills, but you will save the earth’s energy sources.

Your investment with our stylish energy saving Window Roller Shutters will give you all of the benefits and features of our products, plus our unique custom designer colour range for you to choose a colour that will blend beautifully with your exterior colour theme.

Whatever your home style, Ultimate Shutter will compliment and enhance it.

Other Alternatives

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners are great in summer for keeping your home cool and comfortable, but they are fighting a great battle with the heat coming in through the windows. The unit then has to work a lot harder and longer just to try and maintain a comfortable environment in which some cases it may not cope.

Fact 1: Without energy saving Window Roller Shutters, air conditioners have to work twice as hard.

Fact 2: Air conditioners use a lot of energy to produce cool air.

Fact 3: Without energy saving Window Roller Shutters, the lifespan of your air conditioner is reduced.

Double the life of your air conditioning unit, and reduce costs for energy & maintenance, by buying roller shutters.

Ducted Heating or Heaters

Ducted or wall-mounted heating is a must for winter for keeping your home or business warm and comfortable. However, these units have to work very hard and use a lot of energy to keep the environment warm with the cold air coming in through your windows. It’s a constant battle that the heater is losing.

Fact 1: Without energy saving Window Roller Shutters, ducted and wall mounted heaters have to work twice as hard.

Fact 2: Heating systems use a lot of energy to produce heat.

Fact 3: Your heating system works twice as hard (without window shutters) therefore the lifespan is halved.

Fact 4: Twice as many maintenance and repair costs will be incurred over the lifespan (without window shutters).
Double the lifespan of your heating system and reduce the costs for energy and maintenance, by installing Energy Saving Window Roller Shutters.


Venetians and vertical blinds do not offer complete block out of light or glare. They also offer no form of heat or cold insulation.

Fact 1: At night if you are close enough to the window that has Venetians or verticals, you can see inside, therefore your privacy is violated.

Fact 2: If you want to sleep a little longer in the mornings or you have children that wake up at the break of dawn, Venetians or verticals don’t offer the light block out to ensure you can sleep longer.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are designed to; let your neighbours know that your premises is being broken into and, to scare the burglar into leaving. The reality is:

Fact 1: Your neighbours don’t take any notice of your alarm.

Fact 2: Burglars are not scared of alarms (why would we still have theft if they were).

Fact 3: If your alarm is monitored, the time it takes for security to arrive at your property is between 35 to 120 minutes. The burglars will be long gone by then.

Fact 4: If someone breaks into your property while you are asleep, even if your alarm is activated for night monitor, it is too late. When the alarm goes off, the offender is already inside your home and may attack you and your family.

Fact 5: Alarm systems do not offer a physical barrier to stop burglars or offenders from trespassing into your home or business.

Fact 6: Ultimate Energy Saving Window Roller Shutters will stop the burglar or offender from entering by providing a physical barrier of which they need time to penetrate and time is exactly what they cannot afford to waste.


This is the old way to cover your windows for privacy or to block out the light. Drapes however, do not give you complete privacy or light control.

Fact 1: Drapes are difficult and heavy to draw across to close.

Fact 2: Many problems can arise from the track system.

Fact 3: They are dust collectors and require periodical cleaning.

Fact 4: To clean drapes requires dry-cleaning: this is expensive.

Fact 5: Drapes are very bad for asthmatics, much worse than carpet as it gets vacuumed.

Canvas Awnings

Canvas Awnings only stop the direct sun rays from blasting your windows. They do not stop the ambient heat from coming through your windows. Their efficiency for keeping a home or business cool in summer is therefore not very good.

Fact 1: Canvas Awnings only vary outside temperature to inside temperature by about 5°to 7° in summer.

Fact 2: Canvas Awnings cannot be used when the wind speeds are in excess of 45km an hour.

Fact 3: Canvas Awnings will rot if they are wet and are not left down to dry.

Fact 4: With canvas awnings, you need to go outside to operate them.

So if Ultimate Shutter can offer you all of these benefits with just one product, why would you choose any of the above over Energy Saving Window Roller Shutters?