Roller Shutters For Noise Reduction

Up to 80% Noise Reduction

Would you like your home or business to be a lot quieter so you can concentrate on the more important matters in life? Our roller shutters reduce noise in your home and office by up to 80% and this is not a random number we have drawn out of a hat! It is based on exhaustive testing on our own shutter products: review the tests here.

Peace & Quiet for Your Home and Office

Imagine if your home or work environment provided a tranquil sanctuary where you could focus on what truly matters. With the Ultimate Shutter, you can disconnect from the chaos and commotion of the outside world, embracing serenity and peace. Our shutters offer exceptional sound reduction, ensuring that the incessant noise of passing traffic or noisy neighbours and their pets becomes a distant memory.

Our claim of up to 80% reduction in outside noise isn’t arbitrary; it’s the result of rigorous testing on our shutter products. These tests substantiate the effectiveness of our shutters in creating a quieter, more serene environment for your home or business.

Effective Insulation to Reduce Noise

Soundproof roller shutters will drastically reduce the noise levels through the shutter but cannot eliminate sounds entering your home or office in other ways. Optimum noise reduction is achieved using an installation with silicone sealant applied between the head box and guides and the wall. To be effective the rest of the home must be sealed properly to ensure there are no air gaps that allow sound to pass. Once air gaps have been sealed in your house or office you can then enjoy up to 80% noise reduction with our energy saving external and internal window roller shutters.

Noise Reduction Roller Shutters

Roller shutters serve as versatile window solutions, offering noise insulation to create a tranquil environment. They enhance security by acting as a deterrent to intruders and provide an aesthetically pleasing design that adds style to your space. These shutters are a comprehensive solution, combining serenity, safety, and a visually appealing appearance, making them a valuable addition to any home or business.

We have the right answers for you!

According to our vigorous testing our roller shutters will help eliminate up to 80% of all noise entering your home but neither soundproof windows nor roller shutters will eliminate 100% of all external noises.

Absolutely! Soundproof windows, double-paned glass, etc. all add an extra level of sound protection to our shutters. The more barriers between you and that yappy dog, traffic noise or loud party, the better! Glass blocks a different frequency of sound to aluminium, as well, so blocking both reduces the overall noise levels considerably.

All three of our shutter models are effective at reducing sound, however the Slimline Shutter is our best option strictly for noise reduction. At 50% thicker gauge than standard aluminium shutters more sound is effectively blocked out.