Benefits of Roller Shutter

  • home security shutters

    Home Security

    Change your windows and doors from an easy point of entry to an impassable barrier. Excellent home & business security.

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  • fireprotection

    Fire Protection

    Your standard window will only offer limited fire protection. Fire embers can then break through the glass or enter through the broken window.

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  • noisy-neighbour

    Noise Reduction

    Would you like your home, office or business to be a lot quieter for you to concentrate on more important matters in your life?

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  • peeping

    Privacy & Light Control

    Are you sick of interfering neighbours or outsiders looking into your home? Would you like to keep your home or business away prying eyes?

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  • lights

    Energy Savings

    Ultimate Shutter's roller shutter products help you save every year you live in your home. We don't just keep the summer heat out but help

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  • climate

    Climate Control

    You can be up to 15°C cooler on hot summer days and 15°C warmer on cold winter nights. Protect exposed windows with insulated shutters.

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Roller Shutters Benefits

Advantages of Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters Benefits - The main benefit of roller shutters is to provide home security from intruders. It’s hard to remove or bypass roller shutters because they are very closely fitted to the window and cannot be pulled away or broken through without a great deal of effort and noise. As well as being an excellent physical deterrent, they are also a brilliant visual deterrent as would be intruders see your closed shutters and will likely move on, knowing it is not worth the effort of trying to gain entry to your home.

Nowadays, most people cover their windows with curtains or blinds thinking it will stop the heat coming into their home in summer & heat going out of the house in winter without realising that once the window glass get hot, it passes heat to to the inside of the house. We use the foam filled roller shutters, blocking up to 70% of the heat coming in on hot days and preventing up to 60% of the heat from escaping out of the house in colder months.

Another benefit of roller shutters is to protect your doors and windows against inclement weather. In case of damaging weather like hail, cyclones or storms, just close the shutters and feel secure that your shutters will easily deflect branches and other debris that can break glass and cause damage to your home. Roller shutters don’t rattle during high winds & offer a thick wall of insulation from the elements. Our roller shutters provide significant year-round protection from severe storms, wind, & hail.

In addition to weather protection, security, privacy & light control, roller shutters provide the additional benefit of reducing the noise coming from a busy main road, nearby airport traffic or loud barking dogs in your neighbourhood.

Shutters also give you a huge amount of control over the amount of light that enters the room. You can choose to completely darken the room by lowering the shutters fully or you can have them open so that sunlight floods the room. It’s your choice. They also give you control over airflow into your house. Let in the fresh air or keep an obnoxious smell out.

As you can see, there are many benefits to installing Ultimate Shutter products on your home. Let us give you all these benefits & more.

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