It is estimated that 653,500 (8.4%) of all households in Australia within the last 12 months were victims of an actual or attempted home break-in. That means, on average, a home is burgled less than every 2 minutes of every day of the year. Don't be next.

For victims of break-in, 24% thought there was nothing the police could do. Even if your home has a security system, the response time of police or private security, to a triggered alarm, can be on average 30-45 minutes. This gives intruders who have violated your property ample opportunity to get their hands on your precious possessions.


Even more alarming is the incidence of sexual assault experienced by female victims that approximated 62,700 reported incidents in the last year. The most frequently reported locations where the sexual assault had taken place were at the victim's home (40%).

In a recent nationally conducted neighbourhood problems survey, only 25% of those interviewed considered they experienced no problems or disturbances in their local neighbourhood.

Of those incidents that created anxiety, amongst the most commonly perceived problems were:

  • Housebreaking/burglaries/theft from homes (44%)
  • Dangerous/noisy driving (39%)
  • Vandalism/graffiti/damage to property (27%)

No! Many homes you see with manual shutters leave them closed because it's difficult to constantly open & close the shutters by hand. Our shutters are motorised and created to open & close within seconds. You can open them in the morning, close them before bed or whatever suits your lifestyle.

With any shutter system on the market if you want to get in, you eventually will. However, our Fortress Shutters are made of steel and simply do not bend or give way. An intruder is looking for a simple, quick home to break into and run off with your valuables. With a roller shutter installed your property becomes much less inviting. 

Our shutters come in two materials: insulated aluminium or steel. The steel Fortress Shutters are our primary security shutter as they're exceptionally strong and provide the most protection.

It depends! If you have a single-story residence with a single window and you just want to protect your front from direct intrusion, you'd only need 1 shutter to provide basic protection. However, if you have multiple openings, a corner lot or want to cover other windows for privacy, heat benefits or just to secure your whole home, that will, of course, add extra shutters. 

Secure your Business or Home

Ultimate Shutter can put your mind at ease in protecting your business and your home with our window roller shutters. In fact out of the 10,000+ home installations Ultimate Shutter has completed, only 7 have reported attempted break-ins, and not one was successful!
How would you like your home or business to be more secure to give you the peace of mind that we all desire, to concentrate on the more important things in life? Ultimate Shutter's window roller shutters can offer you just that.