How would you like your home or business to be a lot quieter to be able to concentrate on the more important matters in life? Separate yourself from the noise and the clutter of the outside world; less noise, more serenity, less clutter and more peace.

Less noise and more serenity, that's what you can expect with the Ultimate Shutter. Passing traffic or noisy neighbours and their pets can be all but forgotten thanks to our shutter's outstanding sound reduction qualities.

The 80% noise reduction potential from the outside world is not a random number we have drawn out of a hat! It is based on exhaustive testing on our own shutter products … and here are some of the results:


Roller shutters will help eliminate up to 80% of all noise entering your home but neither soundproof windows nor roller shutters will eliminate 100% of all external noises. See the tests we did for more info.

If you must have the maximum noise reducing capabilities for your shutter, sealing the air gaps and managing other noise entrances in your home will be more effective than changing the mount. However, an in-reveal mount will have the least natural gaps, allowing for the least noise to enter.

Absolutely! Soundproof windows, double-paned glass, etc. all add an extra level of sound protection to our shutters. The more barriers between you and that yappy dog, traffic noise or loud party, the better! Glass blocks a different frequency of sound to aluminium, as well, so blocking both reduces the overall noise levels considerably.

All three of our shutter models are effective at reducing sound, however the Slimline Shutter is our best option strictly for noise reduction. At 50% thicker gauge than standard aluminium shutters more sound is effectively blocked out.

Effective Installation to reduce noise
Soundproof roller shutters will drastically reduce the noise levels through the shutter but cannot eliminate sounds entering your home in other ways. Optimum noise reduction is achieved using an installation with silicone sealant applied between the head box and guides and the wall. To be effective the rest of the home must be sealed properly to ensure there are no air gaps that allow sound to pass.

These air gaps will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the roller shutter and noise reduction benefits will not be apparent. Noise reduction % estimates are based upon the measured reduction in decibels based upon the university testing, with 10 decibels reductions, equated to a 50% reduction in perceived noise.

Enjoy up to 80% Noise Reduction with our energy saving window roller shutters.

Similarly, customers who desire internal roller shutters can have the same noise reduction benefits as the standard energy saving window roller shutters. Enjoy up to 80% noise reduction with our Internal Roller Shutters also.

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