Are you sick of nosy neighbours or outsiders looking into your home? Would you like to control excess light coming into a room?

Ultimate Shutter has various roller shutter solutions for privacy issues within/for your home or business.

Would you also like a dark cinema room, a peaceful night’s sleep without the noise and the lights from the streets or just a quite nap during the day without the glare from the sunlight? Ultimate Shutter also has various roller shutter solutions for light control on your property to block out what is not wanted or needed.

All of our Roller Shutters will effectively block the vast majority of light coming in and all will keep out prying eyes. While we suggest you choose the appropriate shutter based on all your reasons, not just one, if you only care about the light blocking & privacy, take a look at our Slimline Roller Shutter. At the lowest price point we offer it's both cost and benefit effective, giving you the best value for your dollar.

Shades always let some light in. Roller shutters will block nearly 100% of the light from your windows letting you sleep in. Blocking daylight when you need to sleep is great for shift workers or those who need to sleep during the day. Blinds & curtains can't eliminate nearly as much light as shutters and you won't get nearly as much sound blocking, either.

Loud music, barking dogs and prying eyes can make life near neighbours more painful than it needs to be. If you always feel like somebody's watching you simply close your shutter and the world goes away for a little while.

You probably want to take a look at our climate control information but yes, the hot sun beating down on you on one side of your home will effectively heat up a room and can make it uncomfortable even when the rest of your home feels great. Block the light entirely or partially with a shutter to keep the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
Keep the Peepin

Keep the Peepin' Creepers Out!

Complete Darkness

The Roller Shutters offer; privacy, full light, complete darkness, light control and reduces sun glare.

Our energy saving Window Roller Shutters can provide you with the light control and privacy you need. The Window Roller Shutters will completely stop all unwanted eyes from prying and block out most light from entering a room in which they are installed.

Many of our customers have found Internal Roller Shutters help their sleeping patterns by getting extra sleep due to complete darkness. Enjoy the same block out of the energy saving window roller shutters by installing internal roller shutters on the inside of your home.

Save Energy

Similarly our window roller shutters provide light control and privacy in which you seek with a 12.5% better block out than the standard roll up roller shutter system. As all crevices are sealed and all other areas padded, this reduces the chance that any small gap will let light in. It also provides extra benefits on other solutions.

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