Do Roller Shutters Really Keep Heat in And the Cold Out During Winters

Do Roller Shutters Really Keep Heat in And the Cold Out During Winters

All you seek is comfort, but that comfort can sometimes cost a fortune! Yes, we are talking about those high energy bills making a chilly winter seem chillier. However, here’s some good news! There are ways for you to get warm and cozy without necessarily burning a hole in your pocket every winter. Ultimate Shutter, one of the best roller shutter manufacturers in Australia, has THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION for your winters! Window Roller Shutters!With this blog you can stop googling ‘Do roller shutter keep heat in’ or ‘do roller shutters reduce heat bill’ because the experts at Ultimate Shutter are all set to clarify all your doubts with these words of wisdom that follow.

How does your home get cold in winter?

A home that is always freezing during winter might seem unwelcoming, but why does it always seem so chilly? There are several reasons for it. For instance, it could be that the wall and windows of the property are not properly insulated, or that they have gaps around or under them. Insufficient insulation can cause hot air to escape, while letting the cold air come in.

We all agree that windows play an important role in every home as they are the reason that rooms look well-lit and remain well-circulated. While they let sunlight and a fresh breath of air enter the home, at the same time, they act as a pathway for heat to transfer outside during winters. This can make your home feel especially drafty and cold near windows and eventually all throughout. Enter roller shutters, an energy-efficient way to block cold air during winters.

Now you may have heard several things about roller shutters and you may be thinking, “do roller shutters really block out heat, or do roller shutters really keep heat in”? That is the beauty of roller shutters! They do what you want according to the changing seasons!

Get insulated window shutters to prevent heat loss

The experts at Ultimate Shutter have specially designed roller shutters that let you control the transfer of heat in or out of your home. These aluminium roller shutters reduce a majority of the heat lost through the surface of the windows.These insulated window shutters are made of interlocking slats and the slats are injected with Polyurethane foam. This same foam is used as the insulating material in refrigerators and freezers as well. When the roller shutters are installed over the windows and fully shut, they completely cover the glass and form an extremely effective layer of insulation preventing most of the surface heat loss. At the same time, they also create a more airtight layer around the window, preventing the warm air from escaping through any cracks and crevices in the window frame. Ensuring that the cold and hot air don’t sneak out through either.

And the best part about roller shutters is, during summers you don’t need to think, “do roller shutters block out heat”. Because they do. In summer, if fully shut they block the sunlight and keep the hot air outside your home. And if you happen to use air-conditioning roller shutters also keep that cool air-conditioned air inside as well. So much so that you can temperature control your home to be up to 15 degrees cooler or warmer than the outside, as desired.

Window shutters are energy efficient too!

When cold winter strikes Australia, people heavily rely on indoor heating. And that leads to an exponential rise in energy bills. But as mentioned before, with roller shutters the temperature inside can be kept up to 15 degrees warmer in winter. That means less usage of ducted heating and reduced energy bills.You do not have to even have to ask, ‘do roller shutters block out heat in summers to reduce energy bills in summers. Because roller shutters can keep your homes, office and shop fronts up to 15 degrees cooler in summers by preventing the outside heat from entering into your homes and making it harder for the cooler air inside to escape out. This leads to reduced usage of air conditioners. So not only just in winters, you will save on your energy bills during the summer too.

The window roller shutters manufactured by Ultimate Shutter are up to 40% more energy efficient. You can get them installed on your property and witness the difference yourself.

But WAIT that’s not all! Here are some more benefits of roller shutters…

Cold air during winter is not the only thing that roller shutter blocks. Roller shutters also block unwanted outside noise, extra sunlight and any uninvited guests or burglar trying to break-into your home. Moreover, Ultimate Shutter’s aesthetically pleasing window roller shutters available in 12 colours can enhance the overall look and market value of your property.

When it comes to roller shutters and its benefits, the list can just go on and on. Be it winter or summer, all of these benefits make roller shutters a smart investment for a property owner. So get ready to be comfortably cosy or calmly cool in your own home or office, without breaking the bank. Get roller shutters installed at your property today. Visit our roller shutter website and get free quotes for premium roller shutters in Melbourne or anywhere across Australia.