5 Tricks to Increase Your Roller Shutter’s Lifespan

5 Tricks to Increase Your Roller Shutter’s Lifespan

Roller shutters are known for being the ultimate layer of security for your property.If maintained well, they can last long too! However, despite being built to last, roller shutter maintenance is essential to ensure that they continue to provide security of the highest grade. It usually only needs minor alterations and actions to ensure your roller shutters function smoothly.

Although premium roller shutters like the ones provided by Ultimate shutter are well-known for their durability and longevity, such qualities can be enhanced by some tips. That is why the experts at Ultimate Shutter have come up with 5 maintenance tricks that will ensure your roller shutters continue to provide top-notch security for your property for a long time.

1) Keep your window shutters clean

The cleaner the better! It is a good idea to always have a cleaning schedule for your roller shutters. The schedule can be based on the environment your property is in. It is suggested to clean the shutters at least once every four to six months. Moreover, to ensure optimum roller shutter maintenance, start by removing any loose dirt with a damp cloth before cleaning up any loose debris with a vacuum. Next, remove any debris and dust that has become clogged in the cracks using a soft brush.Avoid cleaning the roller shutter’s surface with harsh chemicals as doing so could change the colour of the shutter.

2) Cycle your roller shutters

Roller shutters need to be operated as frequently as possible because inactivity for a long period can impede their movement. As a part of roller shutter maintenance, remember to cycle the shutters regularly to keep their various parts flexible and functioning properly.If you keep your roller shutters open most of the time, try and cycle them at least once a week. Whereas if you keep the roller shutters usually shut, cycle them every 2 weeks. Try not to cycle your shutters continuously for more than 3 times. In summary, do not forget to operate your window roller shutters regularly to keep them healthy.

Quality roller shutters like the ones from Ultimate Shutter are built in a way that they are very durable and low maintenance. So the chances of any issues coming up is rare, still if your window shutter stops, consult a professional roller shutter expert like us for repairs.

3) Never force roller shutters to open or close

Although roller shutters are built to be sturdy and robust, they should always be operated with care. They are quite easy and safe to operate. However, in case your window shutter stops or if the roller shutter is jammed never try to force the shutter open or close. As mentioned before, in case of such emergencies always consult professionals like the expert roller shutter manufacturers at Ultimate Shutter. By doing so, you can avoid any potential damages or injuries.Overall, avoid letting anyone force open or close the shutter as it could cause screws to come loose and important parts to break.

4) Keep an eye out for wear and tear

Everything is vulnerable to wear and tear. Your car, your door hinges and even the most abstract things you can imagine but not your roller shutters. Especially, if they are of premium quality like the ones manufactured by Ultimate shutter. However, if you reside in a location that faces bad weather or near an industrial region, then keeping an eye out for signs of wear and tear and addressing them becomes important. Always ensure that the window shutters are not stopping abruptly and not causing any loud noise.

If you want to, you can get shutter components inspected for roller shutter maintenance. And if you notice any obvious symptoms of wear and tear, you should have them professionally fixed.

5) Avoid lubricants

The sort of shutter you have will determine how to maintain it. Different shutters work in different ways. Some roller shutters require regular oiling or lubrication. However, the premium roller shutters from Ultimate Shutter have been meticulously created to be low-maintenance. Hence, they do not require much oiling to keep running.Nonetheless, if you have the roller shutter jammed it’s not advisable to use spray grease because it could make the rollers’ movement erratic. After extensive research on lubricants, our experts suggested that using extra grease or using sticky lubricant at places where not required will attract dirt and dust onto the roller shutters. Hence, in such cases using any lubricant will do more harm than good to the shutters

We can not reiterate this enough, remember to always call a professional, whenever you find yourself in a sticky situation with your roller shutters. The above-mentioned tips should be enough for the maintenance of your roller shutters. Howevr, if you are still looking for more guidance, or to buy premium roller shutter in Melbourne we have got you covered! So, what are you waiting for? Call us at 1800-633-136 or email us at info@ultimateshutter.com.au and get a free quotation today!