Ultimate guide to Roller Shutters: All you need to know about it

Ultimate guide to Roller Shutters: All you need to know about it

Imagine coming back to your home after a long tiring day. When you just want to lay on your bed and rest. But as you enter your home, you find it ransacked with your valuable items gone missing. Maybe you are not able to relate to it but you’ll be shocked to know that house break-ins are quite common in Australia. So how can an Aussie home or business owner take precautions to avoid such situations? Ultimate Shutter is here to give you some facts about a product that can not only prevent burglaries but comes with some added benefits for your privacy and the environment! Here’s all you need to know about roller shutters and how it aids you, your home or business become better.

What are roller shutters?


Roller shutters are made up of horizontally interlocked aluminium and steel slats that are installed above a door or window and can be operated simply by rolling up or down. They have many uses in domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Commercial roller shutters in Perth keep your business safe while residential roller shutters keep you and your loved ones in your homes safe. These roller shutters can be operated or controlled either manually or automatically. As the name suggests, manual roller shutters are shutters which need to be rolled up and down by hand. On the other hand,  motorised roller shutters are controlled by a button or remote. They might cost more than manual shutters but are easier to use and maintain.

Different parts of a roller shutterCurrently, in the market there are many choices for shutters of different colours, designs, patterns, etc. plus you can even choose different colours for the pelmet, shutter guides, shutter curtain and the bottom bar.

Where to use them?


Roller shutters can be installed on doors or windows of garages, schools, vans, kitchens, warehouses, shopfronts, etc.

Why have roller shutters at home and at business?

Safeguards your homes & business This is the year 2022 and the reality is everyone is at risk of burglaries and if it’s not in the back of your mind it should be. Especially after seeing the data of break-in events in Australian households, the fear might seem all too real. Even if your home or office has an alarm, and someone breaks into your property while you are asleep or are busy working, it may be too late. The burglar will already be inside your property and may harm you or your family. With their elegant looks, roller shutters make for an excellent physical deterrent to keep uninvited guests at bay. If these intruders still try to attempt a forceful break-in, the shutters are designed to make it difficult for them to do so. The roller shutters are specially positioned in a way that they resist forced entry.

Noise reduction

The odds of you hearing something in the background while reading this blog is very high right now. Maybe the jarring sound of a jackhammer outside your house or the sound of traffic outside your workplace.Annoyed by the sounds you get up and shut the blinds. The curtains or blinds would only get that scene out of your sight but the sound remains. Roller shutters make sure to block this excessive noise from outside and give you a calm and peaceful space to yourself. Ultimate Shutter, a manufacturer of roller shutters in Melbourne, installs such shutters that reduce and control the level of noise by up to 80%.

Controls temperature to save energy bills

In summers, the hot waves of heat pass through window glass and even the gaps around them, which makes the home and working space uncomfortably hot. Similarly, in winters these windows do little to keep you warm. Roller shutters give your space an energy barrier that is way better than the barrier your windows provide. With their design and installation, roller shutters fully cover the glass outside of the window and form an extremely effective layer of insulation that stops the hot air to come inside in summers, and warm air to escape in winters. Ultimate Shutter installs roller shutters from Adelaide that keep homes up to 15° cooler in summers and up to 15° warmer in chilly winters. And as it makes the space insulated, the cost of power goes down. Hence, installing roller window shutters makes a home or business more energy-efficient as well.

Light control

Sunlight is welcome in every space, but no one likes to get up in between a good sleep by gleams of light that seep in through the blinds early morning. It’s true! Blinds or shades always let some light into your rooms. But roller shutters block nearly 98-100% of the light, depending on the shutter and reduce sun glare from your windows which let you relax at home and work at your office.

Aesthetically pleasing!

All of the above mentioned benefits with aesthetics! It’s a win win for all. Roller shutters not only secure and let you sleep and work in peace, but also look good on your windows and doors. Although initially they were not created with beauty in mind, but now with modern advancements, they enhance the overall look of the place. With Ultimate Shutter, one of the top roller shutter manufacturers in Melbourne, one can easily choose a colour of their liking and make their home or workspace more pleasing.

Roller shutters are important and what is more important is choosing the right one for you. Reach out to us over email info@ultimateshutter.com.au or call 1800 633 136 if you would like help getting one for yourself.