Our Roller Shutter Benefits


Our shutters are able to protect your Home or Business by turning your fragile windows into impenetrable barriers.

Summer Insulation

Have your home feel up to 15° cooler in the summer as our shutters make the inside of your home or business much more bearable for the perfect indoor environment.

Winter Insulation

Have your home feel up to 15° warmer in the winter as our shutters make the inside of your home or business cozy and warm during the cold months.

Noise Reduction

No longer worry about being woken up early by loud music, noisy neighbours, dogs barking and construction noise with up to 85% reduction of outside noise.

Privacy & Light Control

Shutters allow complete full natural light to allow through when opened, 100% privacy when closed, and a happy medium when adjusted somewhere in between.

Energy Savings

The foam core in our shutters helps to retain the heat in winter and keep the heat out in summer, saving up to 45% on your energy bills.

Storm & Hail Protection

Our shutters help to protect your fragile glass windows from extreme weather such as hail storms and eliminates the chance of glass breaking and outside exposure.

Bushfire Protection

Our shutters protect your home from excessive heat and embers caused by bush-fires and prevent them from breaking through your glass windows and entering your home.

Perth Roller Shutter Frequently Asked Questions

No, they are definitely not the same. While the majority of them may be similar, our roller shutters are completely different. Most of our materials are imported from Europe the rest we get manufactured here in Australia exclusively for us, and we have an in house engineer that solely works on developing our shutters to last longer, run smoother, and look better so we can comfortably say our shutters are superior to any other window shutter system in Australia.
While it may seem that roller shutter may be a simple product with few differences between them there are many components that go into making them. The more you are willing to pay for shutters, the higher the quality of components, workmanship, and servicing offered for the product. This is much like any other product on the market, after all you wouldn’t want to spend money on a shutter just for it to break down within a few years due to low quality parts and sub-par manufacturing.
They increase the resale value of a property and are considered by property assessors. Furthermore, having window shutters installed on a home or business property reduces the cost of home and contents insurance fees. They truly are the gift that keeps on giving. Learn more about buying shutters.
We have a more detailed explanation of the benefits of window shutters on our roller shutters benefits page. Many customers find that once they have used them, they are unable to go back to life without them!
While it may seem that initially you have saved money by purchasing roller shutter based off of a good price alone, many customers complain of shutters breaking down and requiring servicing and many companies fail to abide by their provided ‘warranty period’ leaving these customers out of pocket for repair costs. The end result is having paid the same or more than a premium shutter while still having budget product at the end of the day.
A quick look at some of our testimonials will show you how much our window roller shutters have changed people’s lives and how many can’t imagine life without them. Whether it is for climate control, noise, privacy, protection, or a bit of everything, the benefits of security shutters are quite astounding and once you get accustomed to them it can be hard to imagine how life was before.
Our window shutters are designed to last as long as possible and we have made every effort to ensure our product is efficient and durable. Our Italian made motors are designed to last in excess of 15 years assuming usage every day while the products that make up the rest of the shutter are designed to last over 45 years! You can see now why it’s important to carefully consider the quality of the product and company before purchasing a shutter, these are usually lifetime purchases.
If l have to let you know what the single most important thing is it would have to be the feeling of peace of mind comfort and total relaxation combined, that's what happens when you lower your shutters down at night it's that powerful you will experience the same sensation.
There are other options on the market as far as pure window coverings are concerned, however, when considering all the benefits they provide, as mentioned previously, there is no other alternative. To get benefits similar to that of what they provide you would need to spend up to 3x as much on a wide variety of other products. Learn more about smart roller shutter buyer facts.
They can be installed in a diverse range of settings such as; windows, bay windows, atrium windows, skylights, cupboards, wardrobes, room dividers, shelving, laundry enclosures, entertainment areas, trucks, verandas, doorways, canteens, serveries, partitioning, rubbish bin enclosures, carports, sheds, patios, pavilions, garages, cabinets, windbreakers and much more. If you worry that you aren’t sure if they can be installed in a particular location please feel free to contact us as we are sure we will be able to work something out with you.

Stylish Colorbond Colours for Roller Shutters in Perth

Best Looking Roller Shutters Perth

Roller Shutters installed in Perth house

Ultimate Shutter is the best preferred supplier and installer of roller shutters Perth – We are one of the best Australia’s leading roller shutters company. We design roller shutters, build, and supply with fully installed services Aluminium Roller Shutters to your house and businesses requirements.

Our shutters are the ideal solution for your security, energy savings, insulation, noise reduction, privacy, climate & light control needs. They will provide you with all of the benefits that you can expect to receive from a high quality shutter manufacturer.

According to a recent independent laboratory study, by having our window shutters on your home or business, you can save up to 45% on your energy bills because of the extreme weather that Australia has. They provide comfort to your home or business - by ensuring that they are cooler in summer by 15° and warmer in winter by 15°. compared to home or businesses with standard window coverings. No other window covering product comes close to offering this kind of passive temperature control while enjoying all of the additional benefits that they provide.

No matter what your needs are, Our quality roller shutters will certainly be able to fulfil them.

Let's get started. Call or email us now for more information. We offer the fastest quoting of roller shutters Perth has to offer Click Here to get your free quote now.

Why Our Roller Shutters Perth Are Better Looking than Others

Roller Shutter in Perth's apartment

At Ultimate Shutter we have mastered the art of designing good looking and high quality window roller shutters. With over 30 years of experience, and through rigorous testing of various prototypes, we have engineered the perfect roller shutter that provides tons of benefits and also looks stylish on all residential or commercial properties.

  • New slim pelmet- 15% overall smaller diameter than the competitors.
  • New smooth paint in matt finish instead of orange peel paint in satin gloss finish.
  • New slim Aluminium Shutter which are European designed instead of bulky outdated design.
  • All of our shutters are available in 13 colorbond colours to suit your property.
  • Excellent finish quality and clean installation.

What makes us different


Made With Love & Care

Each one of your shutters that we manufacture is made with an undeniable passion for perfection. From the cutting of the raw materials, to the assembly, and finally to the packaging, our team members have a passion to provide the ultimate shutter product that will go on to deliver style and comfort to your home or business for many years!

Enjoy for Life !

Over 30 years of experience and 200,000 roller shutters installed

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I have just had 5 shutters installed on our windows..I was very impressed with the way I was quoted, and then the speedy service manufacting the shutters.The installation day arrived and the tech installed them in a very professional manner and he fitted them precisely, I like the finish that he achieved .We now have shutters that gives us a lot of peace of mind as security is greatly increased.The shutters also are keeping lots of heat and noise out... read more

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Peter Trewern

An excellent company to deal with An excellent and professional company to deal with. Rosa and the team were always helpful and the shutters are fantastic.I would recommend Ultimate Shutters to anyone.

Robert Poloni Avatar
Robert Poloni

I can see why this company calls itself ultimate' because it is so in service, reliability, product quality and communication. From the onset, dealing with the ULTIMATE SHUTTER repesentative Damien has been a breeze. We received the samples within days of requesting them online. We found the samples to be invaluable not only to test the colour but also to feel the texture of the shutter. The follow up call and email to discuss the complexities of the... read more

Manny Cassiotis Avatar
Manny Cassiotis

I am a business owner and just got my shutters installed by this fabulous company. I was broken into and Rose who looked after us was absolutely fantastic. The service that you get from this small business was top class. They got the job done quickly and efficiently with exceptional service. Keep up the great work guys. Thanks heaps.

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Corey Farrugia

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