Going DIY With Home Shutters

Going DIY With Home Shutters

While traditionally there has been a focus on having roller shutters installed by companies, there is now a growing trend of DIY shutters in which customers install the shutters themselves and have them wired by an electrician of their choosing. This blog helps to explain what the benefits and drawbacks of DIY installation of shutters.

Why Choose DIY Roller Shutters?

Price – DIY Shutters are approximately 25-35% cheaper than installed shutters are after accounting for an electrician to wire up your shutter, that is, you save 25-35% on installation alone. DIY also gives you the flexibility of choosing your own electrician if you have a particular favoured one in mind.

Time – an installed shutter needs to be installed on the date & at the time we’ve agreed. Maybe you work irregular, odd hours. Or maybe you don’t know exactly when you’ll have a free couple of hours to get it done. Is your electrician not available this week? There are a lot of reasons you may want to postpone installation and setup the shutters on your own schedule. If your roller shutter DIY project gets delayed a week, no problem. But if your installer comes and you say you aren’t ready … bigger problem.

Who are DIY Shutters For?

Doing it yourself isn’t for everyone. While the process is fairly easy and the installation instructions are clear, our Slimline shutter weighs almost 4 kg per square metre and our Fortress is much heavier. A single person working alone would struggle with installing a Fortress and someone who isn’t handy or doesn’t ever use tools may not enjoy the process and would find it stressful to attempt installation.

Also, once your shutter is up, it needs to be wired into your home’s mains. For most people this means setting up an install appointment anyways and the hassle of having someone come to your house at a pre-selected time. If you need to have one tradie come over, why not have two and get both parts of the job done at once?

DIY shutters are also not for those with tricky installations, second storey windows or other “problem” installations. While our installers have the experience & understanding to fit nearly any home or opening with a shutter, you may not want to attempt a difficult placement as the first shutter you’re ever going to install.

Ordering Roller Shutters DIY & Installed

If you are interested in DIY as an option, please feel free to visit our DIY Roller Shutters site where you can learn more about our DIY shutters as well as purchase online, or feel free to Contact Us for more information.

I’m Not Interested In DIY Roller Shutters, Where Can I Find Information On Installed Shutters?

Please visit our Home Page for information regarding installed Roller Shutters Adelaide and Roller Shutters Perth as well as the various other resources throughout our website such as our Roller Shutter Types and Benefits of Shutters.

And if you have any questions please use the live chat when we’re online or call us 24 hours a day for assistance.