The final result has exceeded my expectations is an understatement!

I needed shutters for my mobile grooming trailer so it could be weather proof and most importantly lockable with security in mind. I had rung numerous shutter companies but they were unable to help. When I finally found Rosa at Ultimate Shutter she put my mind at ease and could easily picture my vision. I have never seen a mobile grooming trailer with shutters. A whole new concept Rosa was and is such a pleasure to deal with. Her knowledge is extensive and she has wonderful customer service. No task is too large. Everyone who sees my trailer comments on what a great set up it is. I think the best looking and best working part is the shutters. Very modern. Very clean. I now have the advantage of placing the shutters exactly where I want them. Either to let the sunshine in or to keep the rain and wind out. The sole reason my trailer stands out from the rest is the shutters. To say the final result has exceeded my expectations is an understatement. Corinne Cucek.