Ultimate Shutter for their generosity and kindness!

THANK YOU does not even begin to thank Ultimate Shutter for their generosity and kindness, for what they have done for the 737-800 Sydney Project.

The 737-800 Sydney Project is a Sydney, Australia-based project. It
involves the construction of a Boeing 737-800 realistic flight simulator, that aims to donate all profits to charities dedicated to assisting disadvantaged children.

Ultimate Shutter kindly donated a custom-made, electric roller shutter to enclose the server rack of the simulator. Within the server rack contains the processing units, that are the backbone of the simulator – processing data, outputting sounds and visuals, and networking multiple computers and peripheral devices together.

Having the rack located in a tight space, with no space for a door to swing; it was evident that an electric roller shutter was required. We had strict requirements: it needed to be secure and strong, be highly impermeable to dust, dissipate heat well and look neat.

Ultimate Shutter exceeded every single requirement.

Being placed in an active construction site, the shutter has been exposed to everything imaginable – saw dust, power tools, knocks from ladders, vibrations from the high-powered sound systems and heat from the internal components.

It amazes me how saw dust can pile outside the exterior base of the shutter, but when you open the shutter; not a single speck of saw dust will be inside.

During testing, all internal components are stressed to their absolute maximum, creating significant heat. With air conditioning being installed in the near future, the shutter has been exposed to warm heat and has not shown a single sign of heat stress. Even at maximum heat – the shutter remains cool to the touch.

The power-coated design means that even during knocks from ladders and hits from elbows, not a single dent nor scratch is on the surface.

Finally, the most amazing part of Ultimate Shutter is not the shutter but the staff. It is very rare to be consulted by experienced, caring and dedicated staff who deliver a great customer experience. A huge thank you to Damien for all his help.

When you need a well-engineered shutter, with the caring and dedicated staff – Ultimate Shutter is definitely the company to consult with.

THANK YOU ULTIMATE SHUTTER. We are so proudly supported by you.

Ethan Harithupan
– Director of the 737-800 Sydney Project