6 Reasons Windows Are the Weakest Link (Goodbye!)

6 Reasons Windows Are the Weakest Link (Goodbye!)

Windows can make or break a home. Great windows can make a home more inviting, warmer and even seem larger than it is. Good windows can provide insulation, and noise reduction & let you enjoy the summer sun on a warm spring day. However, we think great windows can be improved with the help of one of the best roller shutters in Melbourne and poor quality windows can get a massive upgrade.

Windows can be beautiful & beneficial but are not always the answer.  We’ve put together six reasons that roller shutters can augment your home to give you even more of the benefits you desire.

1. Windows Are Not Very Secure

Yes, windows lock. They’re a solid surface. But one rock, one swing of a bat, and one semi-determined burglar can easily smash a window and gain entry into your home. Windows are often left open by homeowners who forget them when they leave or at night to keep the home cool. It takes only a second or two for a window to be rendered completely useless as security for you & your family. The sound of a single pane of glass breaking may not alert your neighbours to trouble, either. They may think you are working on a renovation or dropped something. They may not know where the noise came from and while startling, will probably ignore it.

Security Roller shutters in Sydney or even across the world, when closed, will keep your home much more secure. A determined burglar will still take minutes and make lots of noise entering your house. A shutter break-in can happen but will be very loud and very obvious. It will take up to 5 or 10 minutes, not a single second, and will alert you & your surrounding neighbours that something is happening.

Shutters are also more secure in that a baseball bat or rock won’t get a burglar in … ever. Window break-ins can be a crime of opportunity. Someone is walking by, sees a laptop in the window, breaks it with a rock, and runs off with your computer. If a burglar wants to enter a roller shutter they will need tools. They need a crowbar, power tools or some other specific tool to break in. A bat won’t do it. A knife won’t do it.

2. Windows Let the Light Shine

This sounds like a benefit, right? Everyone loves the beautiful sunshine.

Unless it wakes your sleeping newborn. Or you’re a night-shift worker who could really use a night-like sleep environment to get a good sleep. Darkening a room when & if you want is a huge benefit. Control over our environment makes a huge difference to personal happiness.

Before we move on, let’s talk about one more problem with the sun: some rooms get very, very hot when the full sun is blazing in. As we approach summer it’s been quite a while since our last blast of 40+ days but they’re coming. That room that’s been “toasty warm” all winter is about to be scorching again. Ready to feel like this?

3. Windows Have Insulation Limits

So do shutters. Let’s get that out of the way. Both shutters & windows by themselves are limited in the energy-saving benefits they provide. Both are excellent for heat retention in winter & heat blocking in summer. Double-glazed windows obviously provide even more insulation. However, adding insulated shutters over your windows will enhance your energy-saving results much further.

One of the main problems with single-paned windows is simple: once the window hits it’s limit, everything else passes through, whether it’s 1 degree or 15 degrees worth of difference. Having a second layer, a third and potential even curtains in front of that massively changes your power bills.

4. Windows Have Noise Reduction Limits

Similar to the above, adding a layer of protection will have an extra level of noise reduction benefits. Yes, a closed window beats an open window if you want to block out the sound of kids playing or the garage band practicing next door. But a shutter will double, or more, this level of protection.

Shutters are rarely alone in their attempt to keep your home quieter. Windows, however, often have to do the job alone. Adding a shutter in front will definitely add additional protection.

5. Windows Won’t Protect You (Much) From a Fire

Yes, your window will keep lightweight ash from floating into your home during a fire. But a branch will smash it with little trouble. Flying debris is a massive issue during a bushfire, especially in borderline fire areas. Obviously, if a fire overruns your whole neighbourhood a single shutter is unlikely to help you much. But as we recently posted from last summer, homeowners do believe their shutters have saved their homes.

Bush fire does not affect all Australians but it affects thousands of homeowners every year. Taking precautions could save your home.

6. Windows Suffer From the Elements

Windows themselves will last a very, very long time. But creating openings in the wood, brick & framing of your home opens it up to all sorts of problems: mold, moisture & rot are usually the first to attack a window & sill. Would you rather spend a bit on modern window roller shutters now? Or have this later on?


Windows protect your home and its natural defenses & energy protection. Adding shutters over them greatly enhances almost every benefit and provides several more. The premium quality Roller shutters in Adelaide will pay for themselves over time and could protect you from burglary, fires or hail damage. It will extend the life of your window frames & keep excess moisture out of your walls.