7 Resources for New Home Owners

7 Resources for New Home Owners

New home owners are often overwhelmed with information. All they really want is the keys.

Once you’ve settled in, though, it is very helpful to have a list of tips & suggestions from experienced homeowners who have already been through so much of what you’re about to get into. Below, we’ve created a list of six great tips [ & one promotional plug ???? ] from the best roller shutter manufacturer, Ultimate Shutter that should help you as you dive into home ownership.

1. The Ultimate Relocation Checklist by moving companies – Very, very thorough checklist of important tasks to do before you move. Our suggestion: check off anything that doesn’t apply to you so you know it’s not an outstanding task.

2. 19 Things to Do Immediately to Save Money a check list by the simple dollar.com website – Not a checklist exactly but new homeowners are often strapped for cash. This article dives right into some easy, money-saving tasks to ensure you aren’t pushed beyond your limit. Pay particular suggestion to the air filter tip or you’ll learn the hard way that your heating only lasts so long. Some tips are for new homes while others apply more to existing structures that you’re moving into.

3 – If you built your own home in Australia it’s highly likely that you already know about this great resource but if you don’t, you’re in luck! HomeOne is one of the top forums for homeowners at all stages of the process. From inspection & buying through building & renovating, HomeOne won’t disappoint. The community is friendly, knowledgeable and full of interesting design & home ownership tips.

4. Facebook Communities – Around the time you move it’s a great idea to check on Facebook for community groups. The easiest way is just to search your suburb in the search bar and under “Groups” press “See more.” These groups are great for new residents. Using the Pakenham example from below, there are groups for: Pakenham mums, Buy/Sell/Swap, Crime & Theft, Runners, Cyclists, mums over 30, most of the local schools and many other groups. Making new friends in your area is much easier with social media.

5. Protect Your Stuff – While it’s great to make friends with your new neighbours and hopefully they look after you, it’s safer to also look after yourself. Check out our roller shutter range and protect your new home from the start.

6. Speaking of the Neighbours – City-Data has an excellent thread about meeting all your new neighbours. Check out the thread and learn how other people approach the subject of introducing yourself (note: most don’t suggest just knocking & doing quick “hellos” with everyone.)

7. Home Renovation ROI – Want to get the best return on your home improvements? It’s essential to know which projects will give you a return on investment (ROI) and which are money-wasters.