We Protect What’s Valuable

We Protect What’s Valuable

As we unveil our new website and started working on new products we thought about what it is we do and why we do it.

Protection From …

Ultimately (get it …), we provide protection for what you find valuable. Do you want to protect your family? Your money? Your privacy? Our best-in-class Roller Shutters are an excellent product to help protect what you care about.

We ran a poll and found that while home security is often the #1 reason our customers choose us, it didn’t dominate the poll. Bushfire protection, noise reduction and privacy/light control were very high on shoppers’ lists.

Although we often focus on the benefits of roller shutters it really boils down to that single word: protection. We want to protect you from energy loss, severe weather, fires and intruders. It’s all about safety.

… Outside

Is the stuff worth protecting? It’s inside. The trouble comes when the outside decides to come in. What’s outside? Inclement weather. Hailstorms, fire, and falling branches. Outside is where burglars come from and where nosy neighbours peek in. That party noise? It’s coming from down the street – why are they still playing music at midnight?

Once you’re tucked in for the night and ready to relax with your family the last thing you want to worry about is what’s outside. Strange noises keeping you awake?

Nowadays people love to check home CCTV on their smartphone to see what’s happening at home. Someone’s breaking in? At least you have a front row view, right? We prefer to keep people out rather than watch them take all our valuable electronics. CCTV is … TV. It’s not entertaining to watch your property being stolen and your home being violated, though. Thus, investing in the leading Roller Shutter in Australia will not only protect your household from burglary but will also bring bushfire protectionsoundproofing and is ecofriendly.

Keep the outside OUTside.

So this is our mission. As we relaunch the website and start preparing for our 30th year in business it all comes down to that single word: protection. We provide security to Australian families.

Are you protected?