4 New Shutter Colours – Officially!

4 New Shutter Colours – Officially!

If you’ve been reading our blog lately (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) then you may have already seen our four new colours but today we’re officially unveiling our four new Colorbond colours. These will be available to order soon and will join the existing colours to give the best roller shutter manufacturer in Melbourne a total of 12 colours. (We’re removing Blue Ridge and swapping in Deep Ocean but essentially leaving “blue” as a colour to choose from.)

As we chose colours to add, we tried to “fill in the gaps” in our existing selection. We noticed we only had white for light colours so we are adding Surfmist. We noticed that Blue Ocean is no longer a Colorbond colour so we know new homes will get Deep Ocean. We only have Jasper as a dark-ish brown so we added Gully. We wanted a non-grey midtone so we are adding Dune. Our range now has far fewer gaps and we can match even more homes with precision.


We chose Surfmist because while we have Natural White, we lacked any other very light colour. Surfmist is off-white and slightly darker than Natural White. It isn’t quite Shale Grey, either so it fits in our range very well. Roller shutters often look great in light, neutral colours. Having just two to choose from was not enough so we hope Surfmist is a very popular colour with our customers in the coming year.

Here you can see Surfmist vs Natural White vs Shale Grey.

Deep Ocean

Colorbond has retired Blue Ridge making this the easiest choice of the bunch. Deep Ocean is a slightly darker blue and matches our other colours much better, as well. Deep Ocean is the bottom colour here:

Whether you are trying to match Classic Cream, Natural White, Monument or one of the Greys, Deep Ocean is a much more pleasant colour match than Blue Ridge.

Dune & Gully

Perhaps our favourite choices of the new bunch were also the hardest to choose. Colorbond makes several great colours that we could match to give you the best possible roller shutters for your home. However, we didn’t want to add too many as that would mean adding extra costs that we don’t want to have to pass on to our customers. We wanted to add a few new “gap fillers” to the range, however, so we’ve gone with these two because they give our customers the most choice with the least cost.

Here you can see how Dune & Gully compare with our current range. Gully is lighter and less brown than Jasper but darker than the rest of our range. Dune is a completely different light brown and looks much less red than Paperbark and much less yellow than Evening Haze. This flexibility gives us a lot of room to help you choose the perfect shutter colour. With most modern homes having a few Colorbond products – fences, garages, roofs, guttering & fascia – it makes sense to match your modern roller window shutters to a modern Colorbond colour.

Not pictured: Monument, Natural White, Deep Ocean, & Surfmist.

All four colours of roller shutters in Newcastle will be available in early 2017.