8 must-have features in window roller shutters

8 must-have features in window roller shutters

When it comes to installing window roller shutters, at your residence or workspace, it’s a big decision that needs to be well thought out. A lot of research goes into finalising the right roller shutters, but at Ultimate Shutter, we understand that choosing the right window roller shutters in Perth, or for that matter, anywhere around the world can be a tough decision.

So our roller shutter experts have compiled a list of some of the must-have features to look for when shopping for window roller shutters so that you don’t waste your money and time on something that is not the best.

Break-in protection

Are you sure that your home or office is safe when you are not around? With Australia being amongst the 10 countries with the highest rate of burglaries in the world, securing your premises should be a top priority. One of the most important features of Window Roller Shutters is to provide security for your home, office or shop front.

Shutter manufacturers like Ultimate Shutter provide window roller shutters in Melbourne that are made of aluminium and have well-built parts and accessories that make break-ins extremely hard.


Most people think of boring and plain shutters when they think of window roller shutters. However, roller shutters can now be 100% custom built according to your taste and the requirements of your windows. This means businesses or homeowners can get their shutters customized according to the window size, and wall colour of the property as the shutters are now available in any colour you want. These window shutters are designed to be completely harmonious with your home’s exterior. This helps owners to receive all the benefits of window roller shutters without compromising the aesthetics of the property.

Moreover, because every property has unique needs due to the area it is in, the material or category of the roller shutters also can be customized. But more on that later! All of this without compromising on the security of your property or any of the other benefits of window roller shutters in Melbourne.

Easy operation

Operating window roller shutters is not rocket science. It is as easy as rolling down blinds. Manual Shutters operate by being lifted up or pulled down by hand. And with the latest technological advancements, one can operate roller shutters automatically through a remote or even through their phone. That means use it from anywhere in your home or workspace

The choice is totally yours!

Weather protection

Some areas are prone to cyclones whereas some are prone to bushfires, not every area has the same weather conditions. And such extreme weather can easily harm the valuables of businesses or houses. However, another special feature of window roller shutters is that they cater to every region and are immune to such natural elements. Roller shutters can protect your property by keeping fires out and keeping items at their ideal temperature.

Not only this, window roller shutters also protect you from the extreme cold and hot weather as well. When locked and shut properly, they keep the warm air inside in winters and keep the hot air outside in summers. The windows in most Australians, including the ones in Perth and Melbourne, have windows that are not sealed well. Window rollers shutter in Australian cities like Perth and Melbourne keep homes up to 15 degrees warmer in winters both by keeping the air draft out much better than these old windows, as well as, by reducing cold transfer through the window surface.

Light control

If your property has a lot of sunlight flooding in, window roller shutters can regulate the light according to your preference. They give you full control over the light levels that enter your room, by rolling them up or down. You can have blackout darkness for a peaceful sleep during day time or you can have a well-lit bright room to work in without needing artificial lights.

Since shutters allow for regulating the distribution of light in rooms in this way, the overall usage of artificial lights can be reduced, saving money on the energy bill.

Energy efficiency

Window Roller Shutters are designed to be energy efficient. As they give you more control over the room’s temperature, they can take your use of the air conditioning and heating system down quite a bit. So rather than taking your energy bills higher, they help you cut down on the bills by saving up to 40% of energy. This feature saves you a lot of money in the long run, reducing energy costs!

Noise reduction

Who doesn’t want to get a sound sleep at home and a quiet environment at the office to work properly? Noisy neighbours or the din of traffic can be quite annoying and might hinder the valuable peace you need to relax and work at home or office.

Window roller shutters are known to prevent up to 80% of outside unwanted noise from being a hindrance to your lifestyle.

Less maintenance

And despite all these benefits, window roller shutters are really easy to maintain. Properly installed roller shutters let you enjoy their benefits for a very long time with little to no maintenance costs. The lightweight and sturdy aluminium are anti-rust and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Hence, you won’t have to spend money on repairs resulting from damage caused by such external factors. On a day-to-day basis, shutters do not have to be taken down and washed. They are super easy to clean!

Looking for window roller shutters with all these features? Reach out to Ultimate Shutter, manufacturers of window roller shutters in Melbourne. Share your specific needs with us on email info@ultimateshutter.com.au or call 1800 633 136 and we’ll ensure that your shutters are both beautiful and functional!