About Our Aluminium Roller Shutters

About Our Aluminium Roller Shutters

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Ultimate Shutter manufactures motorised, aluminium roller shutters in Melbourne for exterior windows. Our outdoor shutters are perfect for protecting your windows from Australia weather.

We use aluminium in our shutters for many reasons: it’s light weight, durable and is corrosion resistant. Aluminium shutters can also be finished with most exterior paint types and is available in intricate shapes to allow us to design more efficient profiles for the shutters.

Aluminium security roller shutters in Sydney also stay strong in cold environments, uniformly conform to quality standards are recyclable and non-toxic.

Aluminium Shutter Profiles

Each aluminium slat in our residential and commercial roller shutters system contains injected polyurethane. This foam filling provides an extra barrier against heat and cold, providing you with a consistent temperature without the need for heating or air conditioning.

In addition, our shutters provide your windows with a double-glazed effect, absorbing any extreme temperatures. Essentially, cold and heat can travel through to the interior or the slats where it accumulates between the shutter and the window, without actually penetrating inside your home.

Aluminium shutter profiles are also easily replaceable should they become damaged, bent or an intruder attempts to remove them forcibly from your home.

Order Outdoor Aluminium Shutters

Ultimate Shutter’s aluminium shutters include our quality Slimline Shutters. You can get more information about our window shutters & order them by clicking the links or simply call us on 1800-633-136 and someone will get back to you as soon as we’re able.

Packaging our aluminium roller shutters for delivery

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