Colorbond Colour Comparison

Colorbond Colour Comparison

One of the toughest challenges in selling roller shutters in Adelaide or anywhere around the world is that the products aren’t always comparable. There’s no such thing as apples to apples in roller shutters. Our compare chart shows that quite clearly.

But what the sales team at the top roller shutter company hears frequently is that potential customers say “they have Colorbond, too” or “locks don’t matter because the motor stops the shutter.” Both are complete nonsense but if you say that it becomes he-said-she-said and that’s not the type of business we operate.

Instead of telling you our colours are a much, much better Colorbond match, we thought we’d just show you once and for all.

How We Tested

We purchased a device called a colorimeter that tells us exactly how far “off” from a base colour the sampled item is. We have a full set of Colorbond swatches. The colorimeter has just one job: does X match the Colorbond sample swatch?

Once we had a set of our competitor’s colours it was off & running. Set the Colorbond colour, test theirs, test ours, measure the difference. The competitor’s colours we chose are the ones who most frequently claim to be “Close Colorbond Match” or “Colorbond Colours.” We wanted to test only those who claimed to have something that would match the Colorbond products already on your home. (Note: I have a Surfmist garage door, Jasper guttering & Woodland Grey fencing provided by the council. We know what these colours should actually look like because we have them on our own homes, too. We expect the guttering to match our Jasper shutter.)

The Test Results

We have previously written about our own colorimeter testing so we won’t rehash that here except to say we don’t accept product that is off by more than 3% from the Colorbond swatch. We have and do regularly reject colours for being further off as we believe 2-3% is the maximum range.

These colours were sampled directly from Colorbond swatches and matched against our competitor’s supposedly the same colour. Unfortunately some were off by up to 17%! That’s a whole other colour, honestly. We actually tested the Colorbond Classic Cream against the Colorbond Paperbark swatch and they were only 8% different. How can someone claim “matching” when the match is off by almost two whole colours away?

We will post a full data chart when we have a bit more time but the images below show exactly what we found: our competitors claim Colorbond matching and don’t even come close. These are not random “competitors” pulled from shutter websites in Uzbekistan. We chose legitimate competitors who rank very well, have a high advertising spend and market themselves quite heavily against our products. 

More Images from the Tests