How to choose the right colour of roller shutters for homes & shopfronts

How to choose the right colour of roller shutters for homes & shopfronts

It is 2022! We are way beyond the time when roller shutters offered functionality with zero aesthetics. Now both can come in one package! While roller shutters are known to provide an extra layer of security along with temperature control and privacy, this is the era of shutters with aesthetics! More and more people have started using roller shutters for their homes and shopfronts as shutters add that ‘WOW’ factor to the property with all their hues.

One can easily satisfy their aesthetic senses by installing sleek and colourful roller shutters on their property.

But does the right colour really matter?

Choosing the roller shutters with the right colour plays an important role in adding to the overall aesthetics of the property.

When it comes to your home, colours give your home a unique charm by enhancing its appeal and modernizing the overall look. Similarly, the right colour is the perfect way to beautify a shopfront and make your business stand out in the crowd. Ultimate Shutter manufactures and installs the best Commercial Roller Shutters in Sydney and across Australia.

An inviting and distinctive property is what attracts guests to your home and prospective customers to your shop.

Roller shutters are now available in a wide range of styles and colours, so choose the right colour and add soul to your home or shopfront. One wrong choice can make your neighbours wonder why you chose such jarring shutters! So, do not underestimate the importance of selecting a roller shutter colour that complements your exterior style.

And now that you know why it really matters to have the right colour of shutters added to your property, there’s one important question to be answered…

How does one choose the right colour?

Ultimate Shutter, the manufacturer of the best Roller Shutters in Perth, WA and all of Australia will help you get started on choosing the right colour for your roller shutters. So take notes because we have some tips from the experts!

Complement your existing colour scheme

Once you decide to get roller shutters for your property, choose a roller shutter colour that coordinates with the colour theme of your home or Shopfront. For instance, pure white works well with navy blue, while beige looks lovely with olive green. You can match the roller shutter colour with the colour of the window frame, façade of the property or even the wider surroundings than just the property itself, so that it creates a more cohesive scheme across the facade. Remember it doesn’t have to match the colour of the walls and window frames, rather work with the colours of these other parts.

If you would rather play safe with white, black or beige colour, try choosing a roller shutter with one or two slats in a contrasting or complementary colour, for just that little bit of oomph. This two-tone approach, with one base and one dramatic colour, can also help liven up your décor. In the end, it’s all about your taste and your aesthetic.

Look at your neighbours

While choosing the colour for your roller shutters, you need to be able to visualize how the property will look from the outside, with shutters of that colour. And one way to do is by keeping your eyes open and looking at how other properties with roller shutters in that colour look.

If your home or shopfront is located in an area where other properties are designed in a similar architectural style, take a hike! Walk down the lane and see which roller shutter colours have been selected for which kind of property. Take note of what works and what doesn’t. Prepare to be surprised, as on this short excursion, you might even spot a colour that you never imagined would work well for your property.

If you are someone who is more screen-friendly, give our roller shutter colour selector a go! This tool will let you pick your wall construction type and choose different colours for all the different parts of the roller shutter such as the pelmet, slats, guides and bottom.

Evaluate all your options

Although you’ll find outdoor window shutters typically in clean white or cream colour, try not to fixate on any one colour. Research and choose a colour that truly works for you and your property. In order to do that, you need to find a company like Ultimate Shutter that offers a lot of colour options to have the freedom to think creatively.

Ultimate Shutter, manufactures and installs premium roller shutters in Melbourne and all across Australia. Ultimate Shutter has 13 captivating colours available for the majority of our shutters. You can easily shop our roller shutters online and get them custom painted for your property today!

Not only do we offer the best quality roller shutters and the most colour options but we can also custom paint part of the roller shutter to match the shade of your façade or windows.

Consult experts!

After all this, if you feel overwhelmed about making a choice, leave it to the experts. Get a professional roller shutter manufacturer to help you identify the right colour for your new roller shutters.

Like the experts at Ultimate Shutter! We can help you understand which colour works best for colour, construction and design of your property, helping you select a roller shutter colour that works best. For example, experts might suggest how a more traditional home should have black or white roller shutters while a more modern home can have more vibrant and even funky colours.

As mentioned before, the experts at Ultimate Shutter will also give you an option to select your wall type and colour on the website and see which colour looks best on your wall.

Ultimate Shutter manufactures and delivers custom roller shutters for windows in a wide range of stylish colours to suit your décor. Make the smartest purchase with Ultimate Shutter and buy roller shutters online today. Get them delivered and installed anywhere in Australia. To get started call 1800-633-136 and get a free quote for roller shutters.