Slimline Roller Shutter Parts

Slimline Roller Shutter Parts

Slimline Roller Shutter Parts

We have recently completed our 2018 rolling shutter parts list. Our team took up close & personal photos of every motor, lock, remote and roller shutter replacement part.

One of the main differences between our roller shutters and competitors is the detail we put into product design. Our in-house engineer has cataloged, modified and tweaked almost the whole shutter to give you the best experience possible with our product. From a custom DIY roller shutter to our steel commercial models, we have considered the function of the shutter as a whole to give you a superior product.

On top of this, we also source some of Australia & Europe’s best parts to manufacture the premium quality roller shutters in Wollongong and other parts of Australia. Our Somfy Codepad is a top-of-the-line shutter accessory, as are our 16 channel roller shutter remotes. On the other hand, our axle insert is designed to hold up in the toughest conditions with the widest shutters possible. (All pictured below.)

Axle inserts can take quite a lot of punishment on wide or long shutters, windy conditions or with heavy duty slats. We won’t link to any specific competitor but a quick Google will show you the shutter parts we’ve improved on. Our axle can be jumped on. The competitor axle inserts can be crushed in your hands easily. (Something we will record to video in the near future.)

Another area in which the parts of Ultimate Slimline roller shutters are superior to most of what you’ll find in Australia is our removable post (called a mullion.) Many companies will simply bolt two side rails together and call it a day. We have created a custom, welded & fastened solution and added easy to use patio bolts for fast removal and lockdown of your roller shutters when a post needs to be added. We suggest a mullion for shutters over 3 metres. This custom-created product is not your standard “hack it together and sell it” solution.

We have also sourced or created parts for modern roller window shutters that will allow you to extend the usability of your shutters. For instance, our motor conversion kits allow you to take an existing manual shutter and convert to an electric rolling shutter. Our external wireless receiver changes your standard wall switch into a shutter capable of using our remote control system.  We also offer a wireless wall switch to give you the best of both worlds – remote access and a wall switch you aren’t going to lose.

external receiver to convert standard motors

Finally, while we can’t show you every part & upgrade on this one post, we want to talk about our own custom upgrades.

These shutter stops, left, show you how we finish side rails when there is no sill. Unlike almost every other company, who simply leaves the end unfinished, our custom-designed stops are perfect to complete the look and finish your shutter. We don’t leave rough, unfinished metal hanging out. These shutter stops also give the shutter curtain a place to sit and put much of the curtain weight. This takes the weight off the motor straps and ensures your shutter lasts longer.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about our products and if you have any questions, simply contact us and we’ll get back to you soon. We look forward to helping you soon!