Why your business needs commercial roller shutters

Why your business needs commercial roller shutters

Every year crimes like theft and robbery cost $170m in losses to small businesses in Australia. Apart from financial loss, such incidents have a very negative psychological effect on both business owners and the staff. Similarly, there are other calamities that can harm a hard-earned business. So what can such business owners do to protect their property? Easy! Install commercial roller shutters!

The expert technicians at Ultimate roller shutter, manufacturer of commercial roller shutters, Sydney, are here to tell you why your office or shopfront needs commercial roller shutters. And how it offers uncountable benefits to a business.

Protection from burglars

Thefts and robberies, among other criminal incidents, take the joy out of running a business or a store. Such incidents force business owners to shut shop for a while or forever or move their locations. So yes a business needs sales but it also needs to be able to run with safety and security to be successful in the long run. Commercial roller shutters provide entrepreneurs with this assurance of safety in business operations.

Roller shutters are usually made of aluminium and steel and hence they cannot be easily broken into or even tampered with. For starters, aluminium is known for its strength and looks like a tough visual deterrent to prevent or delay thefts. For this, make sure the size of the shutter matches the size of your property.

Safeguards from storm & fire

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, in the Australian bushfire season 2019–2020, over 18 million hectares were burnt down, which destroyed more than 5,900 buildings. And in the year 2020, many businesses reported damage to their property due to bushfires. Similarly, storms are also common disasters that businesses around the world face.

So this shows that apart from break-ins, natural disasters too cause major losses to businesses. Additionally, a fire outbreak even in your neighbouring business could cause damage to your property. Fire from other property can spread to your stores and warehouses through doors and windows and destroy your valuable assets.

However, commercial roller shutters safeguard such entrances and eliminate any chance of heat breaking on the premises. Similarly, it also protects glass windows from breaking due to hail storms.

Adds on to the aesthetic appeal

Gone are the days when roller shutters were just heavy metal-like barriers. That boring and unattractive phase has come to an end as the design and variability has improved.

Now, these protective barriers come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and colours to choose from and enhance the beauty of your business. Manufacturers like Ultimate Shutter who deliver commercial roller shutters in Brisbane give you an opportunity to tweak and match the shutters to the look of your business. Ultimate shutter offers 14 colour bands of roller shutters. From the slats and pelmet to the guides, and bottom bar, everything can be customised according to choice..

This kind of customization means that shutters now add to the aesthetic qualities of the property and may even boost sales by attracting customers.

Improves productivity of a business

While working in a store or a warehouse, noise from the neighbourhood and surrounding environment can disturb and distract those at work. Similarly, the glare from the sun too can be distracting. Such factors can affect the overall productivity of a business. Roller shutters can help remove all such distractions out of the way. The aluminium shutters are filled with polyurethane foam which acts as a blockade for the outside noise, while the aluminium slats keep sun glares at bay.

Moreover, your productivity also increases when you have peace of mind. And that peace of mind can also come from saving more on energy bills. Roller shutters help you save bills accrued from air conditioning in summers and heaters in winters. The shutters have excellent heat insulation properties that allow them to keep stores up to 15° cooler in summer and up to 15° warmer in winter.

Low maintenance & durable

In current times, it is hard to find protective security measures that are easy to maintain and last a long time. But roller shutters make that easy for you, with the many benefits they offer. They do not require much maintenance and, given all their benefits, are affordable as well. The aluminium used is lightweight and durable and has excellent anti-rust features. So, with basic maintenance, they can last almost as long as the building itself.

Moreover, Ultimate Shutter provides a guarantee of 10 years for their premium installed shutters along with the fastest response time in the industry. We also offer 9 different types of shutters to suit all types of buyers and budgets for both residential & commercial applications, making it affordable for everyone.

Ultimate Shutter manufactures and delivers premium commercial roller shutters all across Australia. And we can help you get started with commercial roller shutters today! Reach out to us over email info@ultimateshutter.com.au or call 1800 633 136 and get the best-suited shutter for your office or shopfront today.