How to pick the best roller shutters for your home or shop fronts!

How to pick the best roller shutters for your home or shop fronts!

When it comes to choosing the best roller shutters for your property, let your ‘property’ be your guide! Whether it is for your home or your business, let your property tell you which shutter is perfect for it.

Ultimate Shutter is a manufacturer of premium roller shutters that delivers the best roller shutters in Adelaide and across Australia. The experts at Ultimate Shutter who have decades of experience in the Roller Shutter industry, are here to give you some tips before you pick roller shutters for your property.

1) How to choose shutters based on the property!

Residential roller shutters

These roller shutters are best for homeowners and prove to be a huge investment. They protect homes from extreme weather, invaders and harsh sunlight by acting as a strong deterrent. Homeowners also get temperature control that makes the home energy efficient. These shutters are suitable for counters, windows, bars, roof windows, canteens, pergolas, verandas, cabanas, bay windows, garden windows, curved windows, atriums, patios, etc. So if you are looking for security plus all other benefits for your HOME, go for Residential Roller Shutters.

The residential shutters that we design at Ultimate Shutter, are the Best Window Shutters in Brisbane and all across Australia because of their premium quality. They can be easily customized according to your preferences. A homeowner can give us their specifications, building type and colour scheme, and let us do the rest.

Commercial Roller Shutters

When it comes to the security of your business, it’s important to take every measure possible to keep it secure. A business not only has its investments to safeguard but also its employees. Commercial Roller Shutters are best for businesses and other commercial properties. They give you peace of mind that your business is in safe hands.

These shutters can be installed on counters, windows, bars, canteens, pergolas, verandas, cabanas, carports, bay windows, atriums, patios, etc. You can get commercial roller shutters installed by licensed professionals at Ultimate Shutter who have years of experience in their trade.

2) How to choose shutters based on the area!

Bushfire Shutters

Some parts of Australia are bushfire prone. And if your home or business is in such high bushfire risk areas, you need to pick bushfire shutters. Ultimate Shutter, designs, manufactures, delivers and installs bushfire-rated roller shutters in Perth WA and all around Australia, that can withstand the heat from bushfires protecting you and your valuables.

Cyclone roller shutters

Every year, tropical cyclones leave a devastating trail in northern Australia during the tropical cyclone season. If your home is in such areas, always pick cyclone-rated roller shutters. These shutters are specially designed for high wind locations, patios and alfresco. The shutters by Ultimate Shutter are designed to withstand wind forces of up to 170km/h.

3) How to choose shutters based on their operation!


Manual roller shutters can be opened or shut manually only. You turn a winder and you need no electricity to do that for you. It gives you a mini workout each time you open or close them with winders. These shutters are a little cheaper than the motorised ones.


If you are looking for shutters that are easy to operate and take less time and effort to operate, motorised shutters are what you need. These shutters have a compact and powerful motor that controls the shutters and helps in their smooth operation. One button can easily open or shut it. A remote, switch or even via phone.


Pick the best material for the shutters

When it comes to roller shutters, aluminium roller shutters are extremely durable and long-lasting. It is anti-rust and ideal for homes and industrial purposes as well. In premium roller shutters, aluminium slats are injected with high-density foam which makes it strong to handle any outside force and helps you stay cool inside the house, even in the summers.

Assess the colour for aesthetics

The roller shutters that you choose should ideally match the style and colour of your property in order to maintain aesthetics with security. Back in the day, roller shutters used to be typical white and boring but now thanks to technology and increasing focus on design, shutters are available in many colours. Simply choose the colour that goes with your home exterior and use them to liven up your décor, while enjoying all their other benefits.

Choose the best manufacturer for the shutter

Now that you know every other factor to keep in mind while selecting roller shutter. Always go for the best manufacturer of roller shutters in Australia. Remember, roller shutters are an investment that help you save a lot of money for the future. Be it through being energy efficient or through protecting your valuables. So get the best and leave the rest.

Still, need a little help selecting the right roller shutters for you? The experts at Ultimate Shutter are there for you. Get in touch with us by calling us on 1800 633 136 for a free quote or get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist you in this process!