5 Questions to ask yourself before installing Residential Roller Shutters

5 Questions to ask yourself before installing Residential Roller Shutters

Imagine getting window shutters installed at your home and spoiling the aesthetics of your house. And to add to your misery, they don’t even fulfil their purpose with which you installed them. Getting the perfect residential roller shutter for your house can seem to be a difficult task if you do not have the right guidance while buying it.

To save you from such a situation, Ultimate Shutter, manufacturer of the best roller shutters in Melbourne, has compiled a list of questions for you to ask yourself before you finalise roller shutters for your home, office or shop front.

1) Why do you need roller shutters?

There are various benefits of residential roller shutters, you need to be clear about one thing before buying them: Why do you need them at your place?
It can be for the following reasons:

* If you want to safeguard your family from uninvited guests and your home from burglars.

* If you live in a cyclone-prone or bushfire-prone area where damages due to calamity are very frequent.

* If you live in a busy neighbourhood with noisy neighbours.

* If you live in an extremely hot or cold region

* If you want to save money on energy bills which are getting higher with every passing day.

Roller shutters by Ultimate Shutter, creators of some of the best roller shutters in Melbourne ensure that they solve all the above problems while enhancing the value of your home. They act as a deterrent and protect any harm to your homes from burglaries, vandalism and natural calamity. Window roller shutters also reduce unwanted noise by up to 85% to give you the peace you desire at your home. Moreover, they empower you by providing you with climate control options. Roller shutters act as an insulator and can keep the temperature of your residential or commercial space up to 15° warmer in winters and up to 15° colder in summers. This helps you to spare your air conditioner and heaters somewhat, saving up to 45% on your energy bills yearly.

A little clarity on this part will help you make a better choice.

2) Where do you want the roller shutters?

Now that you have figured out why you need roller shutters at your place, it is time for you to know where exactly you need them. Residential roller shutters can be installed anywhere, on your windows, doors, or garage entrances.
For instance, if too much sunlight enters your home from the large windows in your bedroom, maybe you may need the window shutters to block the sunlight and let you have a peaceful sleep whenever you want. If you want more security, you can install them on doors and windows at your house. Being clear on where you need the roller shutters would also help you to take the appropriate measurements beforehand of the space you want shutters to be installed. Doing so will reduce the chances of errors.

It really depends on you where you need the roller shutters. However, if you need guidance the experts at Ultimate Shutter are there for you 24*7.

3) What material and colour of roller shutters do you want?

Be it aluminium, steel, wood, polycarbonate, residential roller shutters, and for that matter commercial roller shutters, can be made from a variety of materials. The material of the roller shutter plays a significant role in achieving the purpose of installing it. Moreover, the shutters come in different shapes and sizes as well, so make sure to get the right size to fulfil the purpose.

For example, if you want maximum security for your house for a longer time period, choose aluminium roller shutters, which are extremely durable, strong and long-lasting. These shutters are also free from corrosion and therefore ideal for homes.

Roller shutters can also be stylish! Especially if you are mindful about choosing a colour and the design that will fit the overall aesthetic of your house. This needs to be well thought off. For instance, a light-coloured window shutter would attract less heat, but it is possible that it might not match the colour of your house.

To help you in such a situation, Ultimate Shutter provides you with thirteen colour options with a matte smooth paint finish on every window shutter. So that you don’t have to compromise aesthetics for security and privacy.

4) Do you want manual or electric roller shutters?

Roller shutters can either be manual or motorised. The choice between them depends on how much control you need over the shutters and who all will be operating it.

If you want complete control over your window shutters, choose a motorised roller shutter that allows you to open and close them using a remote or even your phone. Though they are more expensive than manual shutters, they are faster, more convenient and easier to use for all, and this makes them especially useful for older folks.

You can even control the opening and closing speed of the motorised window shutters with the remote. And if in any case there is power shutdown in your area, you can easily open these shutters manually too.

5) What is your budget for: Project Roller Shutter?

The most important question that impacts other factors as well, is THE BUDGET! From the roller shutters themselves to the installation charges, keep every parameter in mind as you plan out your budget. If needed, discuss what you want with your window shutter company and get a quote first.

Manual shutters are more affordable than motorised shutters but it takes more time and effort to open each one of them individually and manually. Sometimes the more convenient roller shutter may cost more but for once consider how much money that roller shutter could save you by protecting your home or business from getting robbed. Moreover, as compared to other security measures like burglar alarms, the cost of installing roller shutters isn’t that much. And it had all the extra benefits too!

OKAY THEN, you are all set to get roller shutters for your place! But WAIT A MINUTE. The last important question is, where to get them from? Choose one of the best, most reputable and experienced roller shutter manufacturers in Melbourne, SydneyPerth and all over Australia: Ultimate Shutter. We provide high durability Italian motors as well as high-quality Italian-made roller shutters at a fair price. Can’t wait to start? Reach out to us by giving us a call on 1800 633 136 or drop us an email at info@ultimateshutter.com.au today to know more.