12 Hilarious Security Photos

As part of the research that goes into our work we often look at other home security products, we keep tabs on the ‘roller shutters’ keyword results in Google and Google News and we trawl through endless amounts of images looking at what else is out there.

Usually we find the expected: locks, cctv, pictures of other roller shutters, etc. Sometimes we run across … unusual … security photos or footage. We’ve accumulated some of the best and give you our top dozen security photos, memes & fails.

1) Honey, I think we have a security issue.

2) Let’s try to divert their attention.

3) Let’s try a cheap security solution, instead.

4) If you’re going to be Home Alone, you could always try a DIY solution.

5) Nevermind, let’s just hire a pro …

6) They installed our new CCTV inside …

7) … and outside.

8) What did the cameras pick up?

9) Jeez, that’s scary! Let’s build that wall!

10) And lock everything down.

11) Forget it, let’s hire a “Security Guard”

12) Which got us thinking …

We hope you had a good laugh!


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